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Cutting a replacement blade for my lawnmower

Apparently there is _nobody_ selling a 40cm blade for the G40LM40 / 25157 40V lawnmower by outside of the UK – or claims a shipping time of seven months! Is this the result of Brexit? Well fck this. I ordered a 41cm blade for the G40LM41 / G24X2LM41 model on a hunch. This one was available. Looks like the fastening bolt is the same. Could confirm this when it arrived 4 days later. Sadly it didn’t fit (no security clearance) – which was expected, of course. The fix is rather simple though. At least when you’ve an angle grinder.…

The video editor is simply great 👍 Made an entire 20m voiced presentation with it last week 🤓 That sure was a first but a pretty straight forward process.

Al right peeps, the 1:1 ( | build is basically done but Baz is stuck now. He made plans for a trailer to haul it around but he is out of materials: Baz is not asking for donations yet. Personally I think he should, because his builds spark joy in the heart of people. Like his awesome build of an suit for the benefit of sick kids in hospitals did before. We may even support him without some GoFundMe. If you’re into you may be interested in some of his at I’ll…


We got hardly any snow this year @Shawshank. In fact we didn’t even have to order new food for the heater. That’s not normal at all :-/ Not saying I missed snow but I miss snow. Does this make sense? Anyway, now it’s spring and we get this rich fresh green everywhere that can only be seen for ~2ish weeks each year – and I love it 🤓

Historic silver mine Hallwangen 4k 25 FPS

Alright, video of my latest visit to the historic silver mine in finally transcoded and was uploaded. Pick your poison: /


❤️ So much this.

There’s no such thing like a primary topic or focus on mine. It’s an ongoing ever evolving side project and it’s topics change with whatever my hyperfocus latches on next 🙃 I know many separate their ongoing projects or thoughts via profiles or even completely different websites. That’s too much work for my taste. So there is the full package or nothing. Or well… one could sub to a feed by category only. A nifty RSS feature 😀

I’d say we had a different kind of “content pressure” when creating a blog back then. I mean how else would we explain the amount of under_construction gifs? 🙃 It is indeed a shame though that any activity on the net is associated with the question how to make money of it 🙁 Sometimes existing is really enough 👍
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