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My Primary Buffer Panel is almost completely revamped 😄 Just an now, no more in the mix. The CY-822A is also gone. I did add an external PSU to drive as many LED as I can imagine too 😄 I also programmed support for 4 to 8 rotary encoders and there is an additional slide potentiometer sitting on my desk. I still have to find space for that – but I want that very badly since I know how mining in works 🙂 That makes now 49 buttons and 4 axes so far 🙃 A more detailed…

Told the children for years to stack and order their dishes. Had it coming.

I love and |s and this made my day: There is more at with plenty of pictures. …and this type of cockpit is so going to become my next simpit I’m already working on!

New shirt! For more sword content in my feed!

Print Or GTFO

Laughing to not cry: Das Verwaltungsgericht Berlin sagt jedoch, dass er kein Vertreter der Presse sei, weil seine Recherchen nicht auf Papier gedruckt zu lesen sind. Was das Gericht nicht wusste: Das DE in steht für Druckerzeugnis. Ein paar weitere schöne Bilder dazu gibt es unter …im Gegenzug bist aber Rundfunk, wenn du alle paar Tage mal was auf deinen Video Kanal wirfst oder *gasp* Live Streaming machst.

Playing from the couch with my good old #SteamLink backed by a Linux PC. What a time to be alive.

Scuba Diving the StarCitizen way – Surviving planetfall with a Dragonfly grav-lef bike

Yesterday I tried various ships in StarCitizen (some “free” event). I launched at Everus Harbor, a station orbiting Everus. When I tested the Dragonfly Black it became old fast circling around on the small landing pad so… why should I now attempt an atmospheric decent instead? (Sorry for the extra shaking – I had my DIY headtracker on :D)

Worked on this play house/tower thingy again. Has been a while. Good progress but it’s just like with the main module. "3h with 2 people" said the manual. We had a good laugh at that.

I’ll never get tired of this.  
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