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More shenanigans: I approve ♥

Show me your lsb release

Did you know that hostnamectl also has a host parameter? Sometimes this is a faster way to compile a quick list instead of asking Monitoring.

Man, finally! I can’t wait to read about the shenanigans you two will be up to @Shawshank 😀

I may have just realized that my first was in fact and now I feel very old 🤓

Vulkan Raytracing may exist

Wow. Most of this went right over my head but I get excited just from reading about this sort of stuff I mean I did play with ray tracing to some extend with Wings3D and the POV-Ray and YafaRay ray tracing programs back than and I still use it for some speed modelling. In fact the last time I touched this was this very year and I was so happy that at least YafaRay did Just Work™ on my Fedora Linux PC. I re-used a scene that I created over a decade ago and while the result had slightly different…

Haha, damn it @edent, I almost snorted my coffee all over the place at “I hacked my blog’s theme just so I could rate it with zero stars” 🤣🤣
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