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So, Timelines released today. Bagged it, of course. Don’t even really know what’s coming but the X series are something I enjoy since X: Beyond The Frontier in 1999. Kinda rad that a company that old managed to stay in business and true to their very own franchise. Oh and also native for PC, my daily (and only) system for . I could ramble on why X4 is a great Space Pew Pew game but others can do that much better. Like ObsidianAnt for example:

Da ahnst nix böses und plötzlich lädt hier eine Spedition ein komplettes Set für mich ab ❤️🎁

X4 as screenshot generator

I was reminded by the OnThisDay feature that I used many X4 screenshots and recordings as background for presentations and video conferences during the self isolation times of the first Covid waves. The media was recorded in-game before, of course. I also wish I’d had recorded that IndieWeb presentation alas I did not ☹

TIL (and I know I’m late for the party): protontricks can set the env for Steam in a very comfortable way to run another exe in the same wine prefix/bottle/compatData folder for an already running game. Useful for companion apps of games or e.g. OpenTrack. I used to do this manually with little scripts 🤓 protontricks-launch ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1069190/pfx/drive_c/opentrack/install/opentrack.exe

Demo Flight Of Nova with Headtracker and HOTAS (on Linux PC) – crash landing my spaceship again

I had the chance to play Flight Of Nova ( for the first time today. This was on my wishlist for quite some time now. Dived in blind and had no idea what to expect. 3 tutorial missions later: Oh boy… this is hard. I can see myself sinking many hours in this. Anyway, as usual, my focus is on interfacing with my home cockpit (or simpit) and while there is no ship telemetry [yet?] I was able to get it running just fine via Proton and with my DIY headtracker using OpenTrack. Hats off, seldom that I see a…

Updating default nodejs version on Fedora

Fedora used to have fancy modules for things like node, which allowed fast install and switch of a specific version: e.g. with dnf module install nodejs:8 This is no longer the case starting with Fedora 38: – which suggests to install an alternative [supported] version e.g. with dnf install nodejs18. While this works it did not adjust the default link of /usr/bin/node to nodejs18, like the old command would have done, so ANY not-packaged-for-Fedora project will still default to /usr/bin/node, which points in my case to node-20 at the time of writing. The article suggests to make use…

🔖 Bub’s VOXP

Suspend or not to suspend

Everybody: Help! suspend isn’t working Me: Help! Suspend _is_ working So… today I noticed that I forgot something on my Fedora Workstation at home. No problem, we have Wireguard, no? So I asked a family member to start my computer at home, which they did, and I logged into my box via ssh. After that I had to install a programm first before starting my work so I installed it via sudo. The dnf command succeeded and directly after that – to my _utter_ surprise – did the terminal print the message “The system is going into suspend NOW”. And…

Add client certificate to Bugzilla requests

Hello with client cert my old friend. Today I needed to connect a ticket system to you. I had to tweak it a little though, because I have no idea where to put client certificates for Python’s requests lib and my current customer requires that. Any HTTPS request without will fail with status code 400: No required SSL certificate was sent. On top it’s a self signed so let’s ignore self signed server certs (I know…). For this I edited ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/bugzilla/ line 43 from this: to This time I even added my extra bits in a conditional way…

I held an online presentation and talk for 2h about some weeks ago **in German**. The presentation itself (20m) went live today with **English subtitles** on the channel of @Sciencekeeper (Stellanebula project lead). I mention as example for native games but the main focus is, due to the audience: a huge German Elite Dangerous wing, focused on (and some for good measure). I’m going to release the talk that happened after this eventually but I have to cut this first, which is _a lot_ of work, so no promises yet. Mebbe this is of interest for…
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