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Looks like my favourite plugin for just went supersonic. It’s now officially by Pfefferle AND Automattic 🤘🥳 Hat tip to Chris Trottier (@atomicpoet)

No idea why but I had the sudden urge to cook something today. This is just spelt flour, milk and apple cooked with butter and salt (like noodles) served with sugar and cinnamon. And it’s delicious 😍

Caturday and totally relaxed despite freshly done nails 💅 Life is good.

Finally gave in after my usual usb recording stick choked itself hard (20 bucks variant and usually just used to debug failing system boots where the error message would only flash for a second) and ordered an EVGA XR1 Lite: It comes with a “free” perceived value weight 😁 Updated: So.. the XR1 works quite decent. The most trouble I had was on the HDMI side until I found the proper output to send application sound _also_ to the device (I’m using headphones usually). Apparently there is a bug with the audio sync though, because the audio driver of…

FIY Should update within 24h It’s a 6dof racing game with a flight model similar to . It does have a version but the world gen lib is single threaded on Linux so Proton may be a better choice for now. It also features access to full ship telemetry and head tracking including OpenTrack via UDP thanks to my nagging 🤪 No idea about VR. Apparently it works but I can’t test that.

On Monday I played some with the little one. She’s doing alright with the delivery missions already. Only helping some with the pew pew, like shacking off rockets.

Playing some more with ( That’s all CSS o0

Hidden Chubie in AugmentedUI

I’m not saying that has some easter eggs in it’s documentation but there is at least one Chubie ( and a mysterious secret hidden in one of it’s demo elements 🤓 Had a good chuckle and now I wonder what the secret is. It wasn’t just base64 or rot13 tho 🤔 Is this a paper chase?

Dipping into SpaceBourne 2 – Rebuilding A Friend

Okay, I did some recording of SpaceBourne 2 and added a voice over and even subtitles… and I conclude that is way too much work but in case you’re interested into a sneak peak of this early access go ahead: /

Looks like children can fritter a ton of sand from a single sandbox within 5 years. Possible that the cats help. The jury is still out on that. Nobody wants to touch the evidence 🤡
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