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#cats to go. Cat decided that this braided basket is a great place to chill.

On non smart TVs

Trying to get (or even find) a cheap TV in 2022 is a horrible experience. Especially on Amazon, because there are no filter for this and the search function will simply not care and keep shoving all kinds of Smart TVs in the face. Various other websites designed to compare TVs also do not offer such a filter and I really wonder why, because there are very valid reasons to *not* want a Smart TV. Yes, I don’t even want the Telefunken ones that come at least with Linux! For reference, our current is some very old Samsung with…

Das ist so wahnsinnig gut erklärt. Ich komme immer wieder auf zurück. Und dabei fliege ich nicht mal im echten Leben – und habe es auch nicht vor o0 Vielen Dank @wabis!

First time in the new computer room and in months that I run my . I really missed that 🤓



Adulted much and did lots of mundane tasks in the house recently. Including some plumbing that was really overdue. Water starts to become my arch nemesis in our ageing building and leaks really do not improve over time. On my list were 4 siphons, that needed replacement, a shower hose and a shower head. Some of this stuff was only held together by varnish and replacing all this was a mess. Anyway, what I find really great is that some of the required parts could be obtained in environmental friendly packaging. Namely the shower head and three of the siphons.…

Indeed. Always worth to take a closer look at indexes when SQL queries are too slow 👍

Beware, my Witcher medallion is vibrating. False alarm. The cat started purring 😁
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