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Deshalb gilt auch im Juli weiterhin das Papierticket D-Ticket JugendBW Februar in Verbindung mit dem beigefügten Bestätigungsschreiben, bis die Chipkarte zugestellt wird. Das ist unsere am Limit. Die Kinder fahren seit März(!) mit dem abgelaufenen Februar Ticket beim mit, weil das eingeführte Chipkarten D-Ticket weiterhin nicht zur Verfügung gestellt werden konnte. Naja, in 3 Wochen sind Sommerferien, dann ist der Fisch eh geputzt.

So, Timelines released today. Bagged it, of course. Don’t even really know what’s coming but the X series are something I enjoy since X: Beyond The Frontier in 1999. Kinda rad that a company that old managed to stay in business and true to their very own franchise. Oh and also native for PC, my daily (and only) system for . I could ramble on why X4 is a great Space Pew Pew game but others can do that much better. Like ObsidianAnt for example:

Da ahnst nix böses und plötzlich lädt hier eine Spedition ein komplettes Set für mich ab ❤️🎁

X4 as screenshot generator

I was reminded by the OnThisDay feature that I used many X4 screenshots and recordings as background for presentations and video conferences during the self isolation times of the first Covid waves. The media was recorded in-game before, of course. I also wish I’d had recorded that IndieWeb presentation alas I did not ☹

TIL (and I know I’m late for the party): protontricks can set the env for Steam in a very comfortable way to run another exe in the same wine prefix/bottle/compatData folder for an already running game. Useful for companion apps of games or e.g. OpenTrack. I used to do this manually with little scripts 🤓 protontricks-launch ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1069190/pfx/drive_c/opentrack/install/opentrack.exe

Demo Flight Of Nova with Headtracker and HOTAS (on Linux PC) – crash landing my spaceship again

I had the chance to play Flight Of Nova ( for the first time today. This was on my wishlist for quite some time now. Dived in blind and had no idea what to expect. 3 tutorial missions later: Oh boy… this is hard. I can see myself sinking many hours in this. Anyway, as usual, my focus is on interfacing with my home cockpit (or simpit) and while there is no ship telemetry [yet?] I was able to get it running just fine via Proton and with my DIY headtracker using OpenTrack. Hats off, seldom that I see a…

Updating default nodejs version on Fedora

Fedora used to have fancy modules for things like node, which allowed fast install and switch of a specific version: e.g. with dnf module install nodejs:8 This is no longer the case starting with Fedora 38: – which suggests to install an alternative [supported] version e.g. with dnf install nodejs18. While this works it did not adjust the default link of /usr/bin/node to nodejs18, like the old command would have done, so ANY not-packaged-for-Fedora project will still default to /usr/bin/node, which points in my case to node-20 at the time of writing. The article suggests to make use…

🔖 Bub’s VOXP

Suspend or not to suspend

Everybody: Help! suspend isn’t working Me: Help! Suspend _is_ working So… today I noticed that I forgot something on my Fedora Workstation at home. No problem, we have Wireguard, no? So I asked a family member to start my computer at home, which they did, and I logged into my box via ssh. After that I had to install a programm first before starting my work so I installed it via sudo. The dnf command succeeded and directly after that – to my _utter_ surprise – did the terminal print the message “The system is going into suspend NOW”. And…

Add client certificate to Bugzilla requests

Hello with client cert my old friend. Today I needed to connect a ticket system to you. I had to tweak it a little though, because I have no idea where to put client certificates for Python’s requests lib and my current customer requires that. Any HTTPS request without will fail with status code 400: No required SSL certificate was sent. On top it’s a self signed so let’s ignore self signed server certs (I know…). For this I edited ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/bugzilla/ line 43 from this: to This time I even added my extra bits in a conditional way…
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