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Deliver Us The Moon (on Linux PC)

Played Deliver Us The Moon on Linux PC. What a ride. Took me 6h 21m to complete and I only left the keyboard twice briefly. The story had me hooked from the very beginning 🤓 Got it on GoG, installed it with Lutris and played it without a hitch or single crash [of the game *cough]. Can recommend. Thrilling, casual puzzles, some sneaking around and very thick atmosphere (without much oxygen at times).

Endlich mal den Podcast vom mit dem hier angehört: Gefällt mir gut! Habe eine ganz ähnliche Situation hier und gerade die Tage über die Preise für Heizmaterial abgekotzt.

🔖 I really did read a lot on the first Kindle. And I really should backup that in time before it becomes obsolete. It’s not like their current reader app is available on Linux PC anyway.

Working on a music box for/with the little one. Hot wire mess but it’s alive and plays stuff based on the put on it’s reader. Speaker is salvaged from a broken entertainment system. The rest are off the shelf modules for an and some momentary push buttons 🤓

The cat found the heating mat for my office chair. I use this because the room is hardly isolated and it makes no sense to bring the whole room to office temperatures in the freezing winter months. The mat has 3 different heat settings and is designed for car use, obviously. The important part is the pressure sensor so it stops heating when nobody is sitting on it. The cat weights enough to trigger that and enjoys it as comfortable spot to nap on now 😜

Geheimnisvolle Welt des Mittelalters

Eyed that for a while already and got this yesterday. It’s a children’s book about medieval times with illustrations by It’s not like most children’s books and also has chapters about uncomfortable topics, like the plague, and is apparently not full of Holywood bs. ISBN: 9783817423545

I may need a hair cut.

Yikes! Gotta admit, that is catalytic converter theft something I’m very afraid of as BEV driver too. That battery has only “some” screws more – and is also worth a lot more.

Got a new controller 🎮 (for our youngest gamer) 🤓 It’s very colourful and plays various sounds on each button. I’m not allowed to disassemble it [yet].
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