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Hm.. I may have finally updates my theme and various plugins. I wonder what broke 😅

European Commission’s Open Source Programme Office starts bug bounties Including and – NICE ♥️

Oh wow. Why didn’t my bubble tell me about before? That’s freakin awesome – for a game!

Woah, they’re playing with my feelings here This says there is a reboot in the making. I’ll be in my bunk.

How to serve masks: A cookbook by @fh_muenster Hat tip @codefuzius

Did I already express my love for today? Also it can’t get much more nerdy to catch up on recent events of fictional verses, like , on the go while sipping some coffee.

Thanks for the writeup. First time I really read about this incident at all (it’s sports and far far away so I didn’t care). And somehow I doubt I’d have read it anywhere else with your insights from our local media.
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