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Running X4: Foundations with my SimPit

I hacked a mod for X4: Foundations to get ship telemetry and targeting data to my “Primary Buffer Panel” on Linux PC using a socket server. This is a demonstration video of my simulated cockpit made from cardboard on a budget usually used to play Elite Dangerous now also used for X4: Foundations.

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Wir landen immer mal wieder mit unserem Mailserver bei der im Filter: Darunter leidet vor allem mein Vater, der sich regelmäßig per Mail mit seiner Peer Group austauscht. Beim letzten mal haben die ein Impressum gefordert, was ich lapidar mit WHOIS und der Rückfrage nach welcher RFC das bitte sein soll gekontert habe. “Ja, da kann ja jeder kommen”. Newsflash: Das ist der ganze Witz bei Mail. SPF, DKIM, rDNS… ist denen alles egal. Jedenfalls ist hier der “Musterbrief”, mit dem er uns diesmal “freigekauft” hat, nachdem ich selbst einfach keinen Nerv hatte mich damit auseinander zu setzen und…

This software converts the into RTU registers understood by inverters that take the BYD 11kWh HVM battery: Quite a hack 🙃

I guess that counts as too 🤣 Hell of a . Also no idea how that monitor survives this onslaught.

Sitting right next to a bunch of very busy bees. Love watching them.

Ich könnte ein paar neue Aufkleber brauchen. Gerade die auf meinem alten Handy sind leider Geschichte 🙁


No one can see SATA face. SA SA SA SA SA.. 🎶

Best week of spring. Everything in full bloom and busy bees everywhere. Really enjoyed the last few days. Next is probably a way too dry summer again 😕

Always water your plants. Follow me for more gardening tricks. Image: flower box with more water than soil, unattended for years.

Steam Linked X4

Toyed with my Steam Link (I still have this as hardware) at the 55″ TV in the living room today. Never tried this before with X4, because I bought X4 on GoG so it’s a “foreign game” for Steam. It just worked though. Think that’s a little bit too much for gaming (neck hurts already xD) but it was a nice experiment. Maybe with an elevated seat 🤔 …oh and I even tried it via the Steam Link App on my mobile phone – briefly xD Also tried House Of The Dying Sun this way (little gem, IMHO, even if…
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