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Thanks for the writeup. First time I really read about this incident at all (it’s sports and far far away so I didn’t care). And somehow I doubt I’d have read it anywhere else with your insights from our local media.

Well hello there. Some serious LED arrived today 😀 was waiting since early Dec 21 but the package was lost.

Rescuing a toppled Aurora

… or how the Aurora in Star Citizen are really made. Sorry for the odd video format, I wasn’t going to record on that evening but this was just too much fun.

Gives me the creeps every time I remember this and rewatch it: There’s some sort of prequel in the same play list that is also worth watching.

Thanks for the feed at for @Leonick91 – subbed! Shame that it needs people again to scratch the itch of a broken but advertised feed from a company website. Broken for over a year! Where did the semantic web go?

This. Und gleichzeitig frage ich mich halt ob ich alt werde 😂

Happy 10th Birthday, Bridgy!

Full ACK on . Don’t turn it off! That’s often the only and last defence your system has. Or your keys.
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