For reasons I don’t quite understand some people seem to like my random ramblings, photos, videos or articles and they start following me. Mostly on social media.

There are various ways to do so.

Friends must be free to choose whatever software and service they want.

@sebsauvage, rss-bridge

I decided to make my own website a thing [again] and syndicate my content following the Indieweb principle “POSSE“. This does not mean that everything from this site is cross-posted. In fact I’m rather selective depending on the topic or syndication target.

I could post all my stuff on a silo, like Facebook or Medium. This bears various risk though and does also exclude many people that do not wish to be part of the machine (for very legit reasons). I’m also not eager of losing years of posts and pictures or contacts again. Looking at you GooglePlus!


I’m a firm believer in feeds. Open protocols allow anyone to subscribe without registering to yet another site on the net. It gives readers the power to consume content where and how they want it.

No styling is done, no ads injected and no tracking is taking place. It’s all about the content. In full.

You can choose from various feeds and formats, that may interest you. This includes RSS, ATOM and JSON feeds.

Since this website also acts as an activity hub for myself it may be overwhelming reading all of it so here are some examples.

All of it:

Just notes:

Any combination you are interested in, for example notes and articles:,article

The very same as ATOM feed:,article

Or JSON feed:,article

You get the idea.

This is made possible with the Post Kinds plugin by David Shanske.


You can also follow me via ActivityPub Stream on the Fediverse using for example Mastodon. Simply search for me with my username or my author url in your favourite ActivityPub client or the web interface of your own instance. This will also allow you to easily interact with my posts the way you do this with many other people on the Fediverse already.

This is made possible with the ActivityPub plugin by Matthias Pfefferle.

I’m nursing a timeline over at too:

It’s mostly articles only for now and sources from the special JSON feed at shines when it comes to interactions using Webmentions. So if you fancy this platform you can use it to follow me as well.

Personally I can recommend it for anyone still looking for a one-stop solution for an Indieweb enabled blog but since I roll my own I’m still uncertain about paying for this monthly for getting just another mirror. I may be fed up with self-hosting one day though and join it fully. I could keep using my own domain after all and even import my content – old link rewrites included.


Now that’s an odd one but as a gamer I can not really pass on this. So yeah, I’ve a channel on the Discord as well where I talk and stream on occasion. The topics are usually gaming related or of the Just Chatting type. I don’t know if this is going anywhere so far but you can use the invite code VVkuXrZ5Sp for now if you want to join it anyway.

Other social networks

You can find my active profiles in the sidebar (may be truncated on small screens and mobile devices) in the form of rel="me" links. The profiles on social media link back to me. This way you can tell profile equivalence and also learn about the latest profile URL in case anything changes. This happened before.

Any profile of me that is not listed here is fake [or dead]. is the only authority for my online identity.

This applies especially for other services claiming to do exactly this.

So if you want to follow me on yet another silo feel free to do so. Remember this site thought when the silo of choice ceases to exist (or simply decided to kills off my profile for some reason).

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