Little one picked up new music yesterday. Beside the usual, like Frozen songs, she also requests Battlecry (Two Steps from Hell). Hard to argue, huh? 🤷

Okay. It makes _some_ sense but it’s still weird:

Failed to load the IMA custom policy file /etc/ima/ima-policy1: Permission denied
[!!!!!!] Failed to load IMA policy, freezing

So what really happened: /etc/ima/ima-policy exists. It is not looking for a file ima-policy1. The appended 1 is probably an exit code and it’s error message is misleading.

I had some rules making use of labels like dont_appraise obj_type=systemd_journal_t in the policy and that goes boom when not bootet with SELinux support (e.g. selinux=0) at all. Good to know.

Also: System is still in dev mode so loading custom policy is fine 🤓

Wow.. relaunches website, praises accessibility and removes . No punch line.

Reader gives me 404 on the old url. I was just lucky to catch it on 🐦 – Site at all.

Maybe they should use as an example:

I do so hope they simply forgot to enable the endpoint / advertisement.

Update: New feed url seems to be according to @philipplang89 – thanks for finding out!