I’m having way too much fun with this. Did some plumbing today and this is the result 😀

The flight instruments are from https://github.com/uw-ray/Skyhawk-Flight-Instruments and are not for obviously.

I patched the http server to send Access-Control-Allow-Origin so the browser wouldn’t refuse to load. Could set up a proxy but I wanted results fast xD

  • Speed is also mapped to ALT as Fast Travel speed
  • It reads just the camera position and not really the ship position (and since there is no up and down in space it settles fast on the new artificial horizon – may need some more tuning)
  • Plumbed the speed to the pressure so it starts creeping up from 27.1 inHg to 33 inHg (max on the instrument) when speed goes over 200. Just for fun.
  • Turn Coordinator is just Camera yaw + left or right based on mouse/pointer X.
  • Some target data as proof of concept

This worked out better than expected and the best thing is: Doesn’t need to run on the same computer – it just has to be on the net so a tiny Raspberry and some external display would be enough for some fun cockpit building 8)

Not a big fan of reveal parties n stuff so here goes what some close friends know already:

If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he’s not like me
I hope he understands Creed, With Arms Wide Open

(I’m bad with words)

Yikes, looks like some Webmentions didn’t make it to the blog. Very confused about this but it seems like some buffer was too tight. I may have to revise my setup.

After not getting a haircut for over a year now I start to understand why most dystopia portrait very “individual” hairstyles. I may have started training by shaving one of our cats 🤓

Cleaned out a shiton of snaps and flatpaks. Amazing what piles up there “unseen” over the years wasting resources like bandwidth at the worst moment 😀