A new build landed in experimental of featuring a new engine version with Vulkan render. That’s of interest for me on Linux PC because I hope to gain some extra frames since the need to translate DX to Vulkan is void. It also suggest to backup the old save files just in case but figuring out the path to the saves isn’t very straight forward. Here it is for me:


The number 526870 is the App ID on Steam. Depending where your library (steamapps) is you can work from here. Ymmv.

Oh great, apparently my mail and address appears in the most recent data breach at Epik: https://haveibeenpwned.com/PwnedWebsites#Epik

Another company I have zero business relationship with that had the urge to scrape data just in case they get hacked one day. The worst thing is that this hack apparently happened due to an alt right context.

Thanks for nothing, asshats.