Tried to buy train tickets online. Couldn’t figure out the costs (field is blank, FR+SU night, inland, trains only, 2 people). I am supposed to enter payment data tho to book tickets. Phone rang next, session expired, happened. I give up. Will go by 😕

Found some prices during the day and is even way cheaper. Will have to make two stops to recharge. Would have to switch trains twice too. Hours are equal. So it’s expensive nights of uncomfortable sleep vs taking an extra day off and make a nice roadtrip+sightseeing of it.

There is so much wrong with this. Why is the train so gorram expensive? Why is plotting a route such a PITA? Why does a route request cause so much server load that the session has to be dropped within minutes? How can anyone deal with all the other drawbacks involved in this?

Nice To Meet Ya


No Tears

Cry For Me

Over It

Intriguing short stories by “Now Trending” in your favorite music streaming service 🤷

The diaspora* pod I’m using is closing down after several years of service. While I understand it’s admin and hope the next project goes better I’m now looking for a new one. Any recommendations for DE/EN, RSS nice and mayhap a technical audience but less bots?

Of course you can add a ~12mb and 7360x4912px huge deposit picture on your company’s services website and resize it to 370x247px with CSS. It’s just a mighty stupid idea.

Why did I pick IT? Why? Ignorance is bliss.