Bitbucket: “Permission denied (publickey)”
Fedora 33: “no mutual signature algorithm”
BekoPharm: “🤨”

That’s right, the upcoming deprecation of the ssh-rsa algorithm is here. Roll some new keys in time, folks! Don’t be like Beko.

I’ve an ever growing collection of snippets and plenty of deep manual dives by now and I want to say: This software, that is probably powering most of the streaming and video editing internet industry, is heavily underrated.

Video demo of using React and Arwes for a stream overlay

Can’t get enough of Diaspora: Shattered Armistice (on Linux PC). Of course with my DIY headtracker 😃 And while we’re at it we demonstrate – because nobody said that a sci-fi interface made with React can not be used as stream overlay too 👍

This is a Work In Progress and a DEMO.

Made to learn some React, get some freakin cool UI _and_ save me bucks on a stream overlay 😀

*cleans up Timeline

I like people content. I like good or interesting stories/articles. Even better with fun or good vibes. I don’t mind occasional rants or reposts. Heck even politics is fine sometimes. Timelines that start to revolve around negativity… thanks for the fish 😔

I have to do this to stay sane. Sadly that is a pattern I see with so many at some “size”. The urge to keep the masses entertained seems to have the effect to fall back to what works best for the Likes: Rant and enrage. Consider checking your own TL with the eyes of a stranger!

The only "interaction", beside some thumbs up from RL friends, I get on FB nowadays is the occasion follow request by a pr0n bot. And the subsequent notice by FB to NOT take action against such fake profiles.

Think the time is right to really ditch FB for good. Reduced it’s usage to almost null anyway (and that was hard 😭).

Shame I’ll loose access to some subcultures like most of the LARP or HEMA scenes. Both seem to be unwilling to move on.