Toyed with my Steam Link (I still have this as hardware) at the 55″ TV in the living room today. Never tried this before with X4, because I bought X4 on GoG so it’s a “foreign game” for Steam.

It just worked though. Think that’s a little bit too much for gaming (neck hurts already xD) but it was a nice experiment. Maybe with an elevated seat 🤔 …oh and I even tried it via the Steam Link App on my mobile phone – briefly xD

Also tried House Of The Dying Sun this way (little gem, IMHO, even if very short).

Thanks to Google Maps I know now that one of my neighbours has a website, because it picked it up as “business”.

The website was last changed in 2012 and aired in 1999 and was written in HTML 3.2 with StarOffice (on Win32).

I’m humbled.

Great. The new vacuum cleaner talks back. Just what I needed.

Mebbe I’ll disassemble it to find out how to replace the speech with something else. Munching sounds or so.

Checking out a digital tool for household planning. It comes with features like the digital detox challenge.

I almost uninstalled it again 🤪

FIY Should update within 24h

It’s a 6dof racing game with a flight model similar to .

It does have a version but the world gen lib is single threaded on Linux so Proton may be a better choice for now.

It also features access to full ship telemetry and head tracking including OpenTrack via UDP thanks to my nagging 🤪

No idea about VR. Apparently it works but I can’t test that.