Wait what? Privacy Essentials ranks a site down (B+) if it does not know about Privacy Practices for a website provided by @tosdr?

That’s like almost all of the web minus some major players. That does not sound right to me.

(Needless to say that the own website is rated A.)

Oh. catimg is getting an update. What is that anyway? Checked it out and damn… that is nifty. You learn something new every day.

catimg – fast image printing in to your terminal

Seems like you have “Docker” installed on your system. Show recommended extensions?

Careful #vscode – this is exactly the type of snooping around people do NOT like. Please care only about the _current_ project. Thanks.

Dear game studios, you’re killing my inner monk with this.

Various ways to spell a company name

And that’s just ~/.config/unity3d/, my $HOME looks even worse because almost nobody has an idea about $XDG_CONFIG_HOME 😠