Gotta love it when nerds do nerdy things. Here is a blog post about how to simulate a buffet line including very adorable emoji animations:

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Buffet lines are terrible, but let’s try to improve them using computer simulations (Erik Bernhardsson)

I have suspected for years that the classic buffet line system is a deeply flawed method, so I decide to simulate different methods to find out better ways

Interesting article on algebraic data type in :

Mentions fp-ts library for typed functional programming.

Pattern matching and type safety in TypeScript by Michal ZaleckiMichal Zalecki (LogRocket Blog)

I think it’s fair to say that most programmers understand type safety as a feature of the programming language which eliminates the type errors. TypeScript as a statically typed superset of JavaScript addresses this issue, especially in the strict mode which is more rigorous and performs additional checks. That being said, I’m more interested in …