And you’re both right. It’s usually distributed from some intern system. Wrote some years ago. They only complain when a page ranks bad due to loading speed and want it magically fixed. “It’s the ads” they add themselves but nobody wants to hear this. I gave up. Blocking works.

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“@vmcombs @thomaspluck @KateHarding I came here to say this.”

Experimenting with MainWP by an author

At one point in time I decided to combine all my sites into one. Then I decided to stop posting to Facebook, which resulted in posting more on my blog, both private and businessy stuff. Then a friend told me mixing too much private stuff on a business site felt wrong. Then another friend told me he …

A Medium Dilemma by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else

I wrote something similar about Medium back in July to what Ben Werdmüller writes now. Medium isn’t doing something bad, it’s just that they changed directions over the last years. From being a platform, where anyone can write anything and anyone can read anything for free, it’s now something like …

Got some scam mail. Nothing really special but I took a look at the header. This one came from a goverment webmailer in brazil and was tagged with `User-Agent: RoundCube Webmail/0.8.2` released in 2012. So very EOL. Wow, that’s some call from the past.

Oh… das Intro von @falkoloeffler liest sich ja fast wie von Pratchett. Gleich mal nach ReadLater gedingst 👍

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“@Devcom_conf Ich möchte daran erinnern, dass ich vor einigen Jahren schon auf den @GermanDevDays den Vortag “Die artgerechte Haltung eines Game Writers” gehalten habe:”

A 2020 Goal by an author

I decided in late October that I want to be off Facebook by the new year. I think the company is awful for a lot of reasons. At that time, the most recent reasons were Zuck saying Facebook wouldn’t prohibit political ads with outright lies in them. They also took down some pro-vaccine ads while le…