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Ich denk’, ich schreib’ euch besser schon beizeiten
Nein, meine Passwörter geb’ ich nicht! 🎶

…auch sonst natürlich ein wichtiges Lied.

a post by Mike KuketzMike Kuketz

“Trotz massiver Kritik hat das Bundeskabinett den umstrittenen Gesetzentwurf zur erweiterten Bestandsdatenauskunft und Meldepflicht ans BKA auf den Weg gebracht.”
Dieses Gesetz stellt eine empfindlichen, nicht hinzunehmenden Eingriff in jedermanns Grundrechte dar. Es ist höchste Zeit sein Kreuzchen…

@markosaric Abadoning Medium is probably harsh. Agreed, this platform sucks big time but why abadon when you can [Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)] and make e.g. use of brid.gy?

So yeah, your plugin list is really short on https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/indieweb/ 😇

Update: The article in question is https://markosaric.com/install-wordpress/

a post by Marko SaricMarko Saric

“2016: Why I ditched WordPress for Medium”
“2020: I was completely wrong about this”
Creators are abandoning Medium while WordPress has improved a lot: beautiful themes, great workflow, fast loading, no distractions for visitors and customize it as you much as you want.

Officially an adult (49) by an author (IN FULL FLOW)

I’m not sure about you, but I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I’m always searching for new things to do, set myself new challenges, experiment in new fields. The drawback is that I still have this feeling I haven’t accomplished anything, have not enough experience in

@edent makes me wonder if I could do something similar with my old Kindle reader. Turning this into an information screen of some sort would be awesome. Ah, here comes another side project for the pile of unfinished projects 😀


Turn an old eReader into an Information Screen (Nook STR) by @edent@edent

Here’s a quick tutorial for turning an old Nook into a passive display. This is an update to my 2013 postEnd Result
An eInk screen which displays the trains I can catch from my local station.
An eReader stuck to a wall by my front door.
It shows the next few available trains, and whether they’re del…

#uxdesign is when Twitter suggests me to install their “app” for the 101st time. Who knows – I may be convinced on the 102nd time. Twitter is surely never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down […] 🎶