Everybody: Help! suspend isn’t working

Me: Help! Suspend _is_ working

So… today I noticed that I forgot something on my Fedora Workstation at home. No problem, we have Wireguard, no? So I asked a family member to start my computer at home, which they did, and I logged into my box via ssh.

After that I had to install a programm first before starting my work so I installed it via sudo. The dnf command succeeded and directly after that – to my _utter_ surprise – did the terminal print the message “The system is going into suspend NOW”.

And it was gone. Just like my family members, who left the building in the meantime. WoL didn’t succeed. Work delayed 🤷

I was flabbergasted. And I tried it again later at home. If I do not login via gdm… the system suspends on it’s own again!

What on earth is doing this and how can I stop this from happening again???

Hello with client cert my old friend. Today I needed to connect a ticket system to you.

I had to tweak it a little though, because I have no idea where to put client certificates for Python’s requests lib and my current customer requires that. Any HTTPS request without will fail with status code 400: No required SSL certificate was sent. On top it’s a self signed so let’s ignore self signed server certs (I know…).

For this I edited ~/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/bugzilla/_backendxmlrpc.py line 43 from this:

        # pylint: disable=raise-missing-from
            response = self.__bugzillasession.request(
                "POST", url, data=request_body)


        # pylint: disable=raise-missing-from
        cert = ()
        verify = True
        if url.startswith('https://bugzilla.example.com/'):
            log.debug("Adding client certs for url: %s", url)
            cert=('/path/to/client.crt', '/path/to/client.key')
            verify = False

            response = self.__bugzillasession.request(
                "POST", url, verify=verify, data=request_body,

This time I even added my extra bits in a conditional way so other bugzilla configs should not be affected. There may be better ways to achieve this but I’ve seen no obvious in the docs at https://bugwarrior.readthedocs.io/en/latest/services/bugzilla.html – YMMV.

I held an online presentation and talk for 2h about some weeks ago **in German**. The presentation itself (20m) went live today with **English subtitles** on the channel of @Sciencekeeper@troet.cafe (Stellanebula project lead). I mention as example for native games but the main focus is, due to the audience: a huge German Elite Dangerous wing, focused on (and some for good measure). I’m going to release the talk that happened after this eventually but I have to cut this first, which is _a lot_ of work, so no promises yet. Mebbe this is of interest for someone else too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmaj-MyRkPs.

This presentation was made for absolute beginners as intro into the topic .

CC-SA versions on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Qj5NvrbWQ / https://tube.tchncs.de/w/tuQs2dBSDSTdUv5DYcA6Mv

Visited the #lotl concert in #Stuttgart today and had a blast. Been years that I went to LKA Longhorn. Like.. dunno.. 20 or so? And nothing changed 😄

Show was great, felt familiar, what I really like. My personal highlight was “Unstoppable” (originally by Sia).

We did hear the struggle in the voice though. Band just recovered from Covid apparently. Hope they don’t overdo it 😅

Anyway, for the curious: The set list “15 Years Of ” is available on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2yZvahybiLwDjDJUjldqef (yes yes Spotify evil).

Solo "Lighthouse"

Apparently there is _nobody_ selling a 40cm blade for the G40LM40 / 25157 40V lawnmower by outside of the UK – or claims a shipping time of seven months! Is this the result of Brexit?

Well fck this. I ordered a 41cm blade for the G40LM41 / G24X2LM41 model on a hunch. This one was available. Looks like the fastening bolt is the same. Could confirm this when it arrived 4 days later.

Sadly it didn’t fit (no security clearance) – which was expected, of course. The fix is rather simple though. At least when you’ve an angle grinder.

And what do you say… perfect overlap of all the bends. This will do. Attached it and went for a test run depleting a whole battery (rechargeable, I’ve 4 of the big 4Ah suckers for this one because you know… grass).

If my guess is right this may be the last blade I could obtain for this lawnmower. What a shame. It’s doing fine for years and I really like the battery version. Less noise and no fumes are always a win in my book. It won’t stay though if replacement parts become such a pain in the… neck.

Al right peeps, the 1:1 ( | https://www.buildsbybaz.com/) build is basically done but Baz is stuck now. He made plans for a trailer to haul it around but he is out of materials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EfnB02gxFg

Baz is not asking for donations yet. Personally I think he should, because his builds spark joy in the heart of people. Like his awesome build of an suit for the benefit of sick kids in hospitals did before.

We may even support him without some GoFundMe. If you’re into you may be interested in some of his at https://shop.buildsbybaz.com/.

I’ll update this should I learn about a GoFundMe campaign, of course.

Edith says: Awesome, apparently it took one night for some sales to appear and Baz can proceed building the trailer now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8O9MK_vu1k