I'm now a true convert after using a Vertical Mouse by Liam DaweLiam Dawe (gamingonlinux.com)
After using traditional PC mouse for most of my computing life, I decided to finally see what all the fuss was about with a Vertical Mouse and I'm sold. I've been through a lot of mice over the years from cheap stuff with no branding, to the "gamer" stuff full of RGB lighting and more. Not only that...

Welcome to team Vertical, Liam 😀

Did basically the same some years ago. I also had the choice between CSL and Anker for starting out and read that they are basically the same. After some weeks of getting used to this I noticed that my always sour wrist would feel a lot better. I didn’t like how light the Anker feels tho (and I smashed it all over the table on various occasions due to the unusual height).

Eventually I settled with an Autley, that is a somewhat heaver and a lot larger, fitting my hands better. The internal batteries can be recharged via micro USB connector (and also operated while charging) and can go for days. I’m very very happy with that model.

This one has some really weird plastic tho that sometimes feels very yuk and moist. No idea what this is. I guess the quest for the perfect Vertical will never end.

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  1. @beko I skipped the search for a classic vertical mouse and went straight to the MX Ergo Trackball. No regrets, using a mouse now just feels "wrong".

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