Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC by Rohan KumarRohan Kumar (seirdy.one)
This post was written in a hurry in response to some misinformation about Google’s newest Web antifeature, Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). Google’s FLoC is an attempt to track users even when their browsers (rightly) block third-party cookies. The initial blog posts about this issue were q...

Who would have guessed: That empty policy header against FLoC is probably worthless in the first place because people that are concerned about this are probably not affected by a prior opt-in at all: https://seirdy.one/2021/04/16/permissions-policy-floc-misinfo.html

Really curious what else will show up on this topic over the next weeks.

Dann haben die halt meine Daten. Na und‽ by Klaudia Zotzmann-KochKlaudia Zotzmann-Koch (zotzmann-koch.com)
Elende Passwortregeln, unverständliche Pop-Ups, mittendrin die ewig klingelnde WhatsApp-Gruppe und Datenskandale überall. Wer sind "die" überhaupt, die meine Daten haben? Und was heißt das eigentlich?

This seems to be available in English now as well: Easy Ways to Be More Private on the Internet (English eBook) https://www.zotzmann-koch.com/buecher/buch-shop/


Publish Text, Image, and Gallery Snippets With the Shortnotes WordPress Plugin (WordPress Tavern)
Yesterday, Happy Prime owner and engineer Jeremy Felt released Shortnotes, a plugin for writing notes from the WordPress editor. The intention is for users to create short pieces of content, such a…

I know that David Shanske is working on this but it is a sour spot that Post Kinds does need the Classic Editor plugin that will soon be End Of Life so any fresh wind here is good.

Hat tip Jan Boddez

“OSS compliance with privacy by default and design” – Cristina DeLisle (conf.tube)
Privacy is becoming more and more central in shaping the future of tech and the data protection legislation has contributed significantly to making this happen. Privacy by default and design are core principles that are fundamental to how software should be envisioned. The GDPR that came into the spotlight has a strong case to become a standard even outside European borders, influencing the way we protect personal data. However its impact might be, its implementation is still in its infancy. OSS has found itself facing the situation and one aspect which is particularly interesting on the tech side is how to incorporate the principles of privacy by default and design into the software that we build.

Hard to follow due to a lot of head movement without the mic following but a very important topic and interesting talk about especially in combination with the and


Hat tip @sl007@mastodon.social

How I turned my Goodreads data into a self-hosted website with Eleventy by Hidde de Vries (@hdv) (hiddedevries.nl)
In the last week of 2020, I decided to export my Goodreads data to display it on my personal website. This post is about what I did and how. Screenshot Why export? First, I quite like Goodreads. It lets me see the reads of friends and acquaintances. It lets me share my own. This is all splendid, but...

Hm… exporting Goodreads data to display on the own website. Sounds like a good idea. I mean I never did use Goodreads myself but I know many others did: https://hiddedevries.nl/en/blog/2021-01-04-how-i-turned-my-goodreads-data-into-a-self-hosted-website-with-eleventy