That was fast. The new API explained in detail already:

Chuckled at the API key paragraph xD

Delving into Renault’s new API by James MuscatJames Muscat (

(Geek level: High – you have been warned!) I’ve been driving a Renault Zoe for over a year now. It’s a great car, but the companion mobil…

Migrating From Cloudflare by Ash FurrowAsh Furrow (Ash Furrow)

Running a Mastodon instance requires at least one thing: a server somewhere to run the code and store media uploads. Since media upload storage is a common burden for servers, many solutions exist for upload storage. Mastodon can optionally be configured to upload media somewhere else. I use an AWS S3 “bucket” for…

Huch, die @juvi hat ja ein neues Blog angefangen:

Das ist irgendwie an mir vorbei gegangen =) *subbed

“Enter a post title…” – Als wenn das so einfach wäre! by Juvi NerdineJuvi Nerdine

Und dann ist es soweit: Du sitzt vor einer leeren Seite. 20190817_203421.jpg 20190817_203421.jpg
Eine Menge Gedanken und Zweifel kommen auf, immerhin soll das Ding hier auch mal live gehen.
Die Mutter aller Fragen: Wie interessant kann das, was ich zu sagen habe schon sein?
Aber wir haben da auch no…

#IndieWeb presentation by Jack Jamieson:

Presentation notes from Civic Tech TO Hacknight on Jan 7 2020. “IndieWeb: Empowering individuals through collective design” by Jack JamiesonJack Jamieson

Below are slides and a rough transcript of a short talk I gave for the Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight on January 7, 2020.
It was my first time to attend Civic Tech TO and I was impressed with the great projects they’re working on. If you’re in Toronto on a Tuesday night I can strongly recommend st…

State of Linux on mobile and common misconceptions (Bart Ribbers)

Every once and while I see misconceptions on the various mobile on Linux distributions and projects out there, and I see the same incorrect facts over and over again. So I decided to write a bit to clarify the current state of mobile on Linux, and the differences between the various distributions and projects. Since I’m a postmarketOS developer, I might be a bit biased in some things although I’ll try to keep my opinions out of it.