Who is Facebook's mysterious "Lan Tim 2"? by @edent
Facebook has an interesting feature. It will let you see which companies have associated your off-Facebook activity with your Facebook account. If you visit: https://www.facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/ you'll see what companies are snitching on you to Facebook. #AirBnB shares your activity with ...

Linux Gaming at the Dawn of the 20s by Marc Di LuzioMarc Di Luzio (Medium)
2019 was a fantastic year for Linux gamers. At the end of the decade we had almost two thirds of the top one thousand steam games rated gold and above in terms of Linux compatibility.

Remember that Native Linux Gaming video @mdiluz made in 2018?

Well he’s back with a successor trending as showing off and . See for yourself:



The Website Obesity Crisis by Maciej CegłowskiMaciej Cegłowski
I love big websites packed with images. I love high-resolution video. I love sprawling Javascript experiments or well-designed web apps. This talk isn't about any of those. It's about mostly-text sites that, for unfathomable reasons, are growing bigger with every passing year.

I was pointed to this text version of this awesome talk at Web Directions in 2015 by Maciej Cegłowski and every paragraph is still spot on:


I don’t care about bloat because it’s inefficient. I care about it because it makes the web inaccessible.

Maciej Cegłowski

That really hits a nerv.

Hat tip @data_shaman

Migrating From Cloudflare by Ash FurrowAsh Furrow (Ash Furrow)
Running a Mastodon instance requires at least one thing: a server somewhere to run the code and store media uploads. Since media upload storage is a common burden for servers, many solutions exist for upload storage. Mastodon can optionally be configured to upload media somewhere else. I use an AWS S3 "bucket" for…