ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks by David Pierce (The Verge)
Mozilla, Meta, Medium, Flipboard, Tumblr, and so many other companies are betting that the future of social networks looks more like email than it does Elon Musk’s Twitter. And they’re betting on a little-known protocol to make it happen.


IndieWeb by Astrid GüntherAstrid Günther (
The IndieWeb[^] is about taking control of your content, sharing your thoughts and ideas in one place and then spreading them on other social platforms. What if a social network becomes so that you don't feel comfortable there anymore? Or it gets shut down altogether? In that case, what...

Apparently can be |ified too: 🤔

I mean Joomla (and especially it’s UI) gives me the creeps but good to know I guess.

TonUINO by thorstenthorsten (

TonUINO, DIE DIY Musikbox (nicht nur) für Kinder Man nehme einen Arduino, ein MP3 Modul, einen RFID-Leser, eine Micro-SD-Karte, etwas Kabel und Zeugs und einen alten (oder neuen) Regallautsprecher… und schon habt ihr den TonUINO!

Turning a Dell Wyse 3040 into an HTPC (Part 5) by by Rob Hallam (
Output switching We’ve been putting together an HTPC using a Dell Wyse 3040 thin client PC. We’re using Arch Linux as an OS, and installed media applications Kodi and Chromium (to give us Netflix). We also installed Openbox to provide a window manager, and set up control of applications via remo...

Someday I’ll revieve my Kodi system and I even have an old flirc around.