Good thoughts on privacy for children:

Kinder haben ein Recht auf Privatsphäre

Kinder haben ein Recht auf Privatsphäre by dasnufdasnuf

Wie Journelle geht es mir auch oft:
Gestern saß ich bei einer Schulveranstaltung mit ca 12 Eltern zusammen und war die einzige, die es problematisch fand, regelmäßig und anlasslos die Chats der Kinder (ab 5. Klasse) und Jugendlichen zu kontrollieren.
— Journelle (@journelle) September 12, 2019

Skuldcraft Jewelry, Adornments, Prints

I’m not much into jewellery myself but maybe some of my or fellows find something to their liking at SkuldCraft. The owner offers handmade jewellery and ornaments made from bones, feathers, stones and other items found in nature. I got an awesome print from this shop on my last birthday when it was only on FB. Looks like it’s also on Etsy now and has a discount going:

Melancholy and art from Italy di SkuldCraft by LucretiaLucretia (Etsy)

Skuldcraft was born a few years ago out of the need to create and connect with nature. Horn, bone, wood and stones come together in unique items inspired by nature, history and apotropaic magic.
Whether you’re looking for an everyday amulet, an altar decoration or just a lucky charm, this is the place for you.

@ElectrifyBW invites to their 3rd eMobility gathering in 72185 Horb / Germany. That’s the perfect opportunity to talk about EVs and ask [real] people about their daily electromobility.

06. September 2019 – Electrify-BW vor Ort – 3. eMobil Treffen in Horb by ElectrifyBWElectrifyBW

Beim 3. eMobil Treffen in Horb vom 6. bis 8. September 2019 ist Electrify-BW als kompetenter Ansprechpartner rund um die Elektromobilität vertreten und sorgt für Lademöglichkeiten…

I guess it’s time to talk about pixelated images any why that may be no longer enough:

Astonishing what this machine can compute from a 16×16 pile of pixels.

ENHANCE! ‘Photo-Realistic’ Emojis and Emotes With Progressive Face Super-Resolution by iforcedabot (I Forced a Bot…)

Progressive Face Super-Resolution via Attention to Facial Landmark is a machine learning model trained to reconstruct face images from tiny 16×16 pixel input images, scaling them up …