Piloting spaceships with a DIY cockpit by Arduino TeamArduino Team (blog.arduino.cc)

Take a moment to go and look up some photos of the cockpits of airplanes and spacecraft. All of them are packed full of instruments and controls. So why do we feel like we can play a flight simulator with a regular gamepad? If you’re doing so, then you’re missing out on a lot of […]

Oh wow, that was unexpected but Arduino themselves featured my ~~fire hazard~~ simulated cockpit on their blog: https://blog.arduino.cc/2023/09/21/piloting-spaceships-with-a-diy-cockpit/.

Yes I am totally hyperventilating right now. That was unexpected and I only know because someone asked if this is mine 🤓

Gotta admit though: I’d have liked linking to the primary source better. Namely this blog or https://SimPit.dev but… details.

I just set https://simpit.dev/ live.

Primary Buffer Panel – The On A PC For More Immersion In Pew Pew

A glorified joystick controller with an LCD (‘MFD’) and plenty of RGB.

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I’m kinda blind by now after hacking away on this page for days so I’d appreciate feedback.

Especially if something is broken.

🤓 Painted the button box, added more buttons and the LCD and set it to playing the DRADIS animation[1] of the Pegasus just for show:

Next is wiring everything up (and when that is done finishing the frame for the display) and add decals.

Same thing really to see how it feels:

[1] The Loop was created by David Gian-Cursio (https://www.gian-cursio.net/2016/07/battlestar-pegasus-dradis-screens/) for Diaspora: Shattered Armistice (a total conversion for the FreeSpace Open engine).

Behold my latest addition 🤪

A button box | switch panel for the toddler. It was on a discount so I gave in. May be a good starting point for a bigger one that I’m going to make for the kids eventually.