On my last replacement pads for my headphones. Wrote about this at https://beko.famkos.net/2022/03/19/1708554/ before. The last replacement pads promised to “not tear” within 6 months. What a promise of quality eh 😒

Anyway, this is how they do look half a year later. Totally tattered. I knew the parts are EOL for a while so I purchased several sets. That’s my last one however.

Used the chance to vacuum the insides a little and this may have done the trick to fix some annoying crackling of the ANC function. Mebbe a fine hair was tickling it’s mic. Mebbe it’s just my imagination and the new ones simply manage to create a proper seal again.

I already checked for replacements of the whole headset. The situation looks dire. Apparently it’s either with built in “voice assistant” – what I totally do NOT want – or they bury features, like LDAC, behind a freakin app, that introduces a privacy nightmare (and another EOL deadline). I do take recommendations here:

* ANC enabled over-ear headphones that just work™ with BT
* without app
* without voice assist
* a full day of service
* jacks for powerless usage
* dedicated ANC button to enable/disable the feature
* AAC, LDAP and|or aptX
* Multipoint would be nice
* availability of quality replacement pads

I do not need built-in microphone support. They suck anyway.

Apparently ~6000 people on the Market ~~Place~~Square of protesting against Nazis. The place is very small because it’s the medieval part of this city – surrounded by old timber-framed buildings. It was almost impossible to move.

Not too shabby considering that major cities all over the country had demonstrations going too today. Some, like the one in Munich, had to be cancelled early. Too many people showed up.

USB Hotel

USB hotel almost completely occupied. Something something nature is healing.

Image: A cardboard box filled with empty toilet paper rolls up-cycled as USB / cable holders.

Behold my latest addition 🤪

A button box | switch panel for the toddler. It was on a discount so I gave in. May be a good starting point for a bigger one that I’m going to make for the kids eventually.

This was a triumph. Great success… 😁

Three days of BBQ and chilling out. Very tired now. Should go on vacation now 😜

Pic: Fireplace with lots of empty chairs around now that everyone is gone again.