Due to circumstances we may have had a very tiny birthday celebration with 4 people in the car today.

Usually I wouldn’t lit a candle in the car but an exception was made.

Picture: a car dashboard with colorful plates and mini cakes.

The cat found the heating mat for my office chair. I use this because the room is hardly isolated and it makes no sense to bring the whole room to office temperatures in the freezing winter months.

The mat has 3 different heat settings and is designed for car use, obviously. The important part is the pressure sensor so it stops heating when nobody is sitting on it.

The cat weights enough to trigger that and enjoys it as comfortable spot to nap on now 😜

Got a new controller 🎮 (for our youngest gamer) 🤓

It’s very colourful and plays various sounds on each button. I’m not allowed to disassemble it [yet].

Adulting much today. Lots of slow leaks that need plugging 😩

Shower head broke, shower hose leaks, various siphons leak or are straight inoperable for years and the kitchen sink armature is a rusty clump by now.