On my last replacement pads for my headphones. Wrote about this at https://beko.famkos.net/2022/03/19/1708554/ before. The last replacement pads promised to “not tear” within 6 months. What a promise of quality eh 😒

Anyway, this is how they do look half a year later. Totally tattered. I knew the parts are EOL for a while so I purchased several sets. That’s my last one however.

Used the chance to vacuum the insides a little and this may have done the trick to fix some annoying crackling of the ANC function. Mebbe a fine hair was tickling it’s mic. Mebbe it’s just my imagination and the new ones simply manage to create a proper seal again.

I already checked for replacements of the whole headset. The situation looks dire. Apparently it’s either with built in “voice assistant” – what I totally do NOT want – or they bury features, like LDAC, behind a freakin app, that introduces a privacy nightmare (and another EOL deadline). I do take recommendations here:

* ANC enabled over-ear headphones that just work™ with BT
* without app
* without voice assist
* a full day of service
* jacks for powerless usage
* dedicated ANC button to enable/disable the feature
* AAC, LDAP and|or aptX
* Multipoint would be nice
* availability of quality replacement pads

I do not need built-in microphone support. They suck anyway.

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  1. @jumboshrimp @beko it's _everywhere_.

    For example: My e-Bike engine is by Bosch. Type Performance Line. The idea was I could get replacement parts.

    Turns out: They re-released this thing _under the same name_ with a completely incompatible set of sensors and computers.

    They are now "smart" though – which means the damn thing comes with a SIM card to download new software over the air.

    Just the idea!

    Guess how many people are even aware of this.

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