Tried – an online Arduino simulator – and ditched it again after fiddling with it for 5 minutes.

Looks good on first glance, admitted.

Raised my first eyebrow after not finding a diode. Ah well, used a 0-resistor instead as placeholder. I don’t see how I can demo a button matrix like that though.

Checked the download as ZIP function. Hm, there is no upload function, guess I have to register for saving online. Guess I can also just import the project text files via copy and paste again. Not comfortable but I can live with that. Found open tickets for both btw.

Made a little power distribution strip on a mini breadboard. Annoying, I have to adjust the colour of each connecting wire. Nice: The text editor allows mass selection just like vscode, so I can easily update a bunch of colours after making all connections. That’s something at least.

Added and wired up two Neopixels. That was annoying, they default to a perfect rectangle wich results in overlapping connection wires on the auto grid. Always. Tried to add a rotate property of 45 deg on a hunch – that worked! Why is there no option for this like with the resistors?

Eventually I tried to upload the Adafruit NeoPixel lib to get some blinken lights going… please subscribe to upload a library with a monthly fee of (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I get it, we all want to earn money. I added whopping _5_ objects and run into the first brick wall. Not like this!

Guess that was a futile exercise.

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  1. @beko there is nothing worse than a company that offers a service without any hint of it being a paid for service. Add on a whole extra level of slimey when they do what you just experienced.

    Going to their webpage, there isn't even a hint of there being anything to pay for.

    I'll walk to the ends of the earth and come back empty handed before I'll use a program that tries to pull a fast one like this. It's kindergarten level manipulation and it is insulating to encounter it. "Ha! Tricked you! Now let that cost sunk fallacy hit you hard and gimme money!"

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Prime Music pulled the same shit _prohibiting_ to skip a _random_ song after clicking it “too often” (like, idk, 3 times?)

    No shit. They argue I have to pay so I can skip songs I don’t like on the demo program!

    Not that it tried to play any ads or something – or play only a few seconds of each song. They want me to pay for a gorram button like… AS A SERVICE. And that was the last time I hit that hardcoded not re-assignable button on my remote. I was close to grabbing my soldering iron and remove it the very hard way on top. Just thinking about this again makes me angry.

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