Tried – an online Arduino simulator – and ditched it again after fiddling with it for 5 minutes.

Looks good on first glance, admitted.

Raised my first eyebrow after not finding a diode. Ah well, used a 0-resistor instead as placeholder. I don’t see how I can demo a button matrix like that though.

Checked the download as ZIP function. Hm, there is no upload function, guess I have to register for saving online. Guess I can also just import the project text files via copy and paste again. Not comfortable but I can live with that. Found open tickets for both btw.

Made a little power distribution strip on a mini breadboard. Annoying, I have to adjust the colour of each connecting wire. Nice: The text editor allows mass selection just like vscode, so I can easily update a bunch of colours after making all connections. That’s something at least.

Added and wired up two Neopixels. That was annoying, they default to a perfect rectangle wich results in overlapping connection wires on the auto grid. Always. Tried to add a rotate property of 45 deg on a hunch – that worked! Why is there no option for this like with the resistors?

Eventually I tried to upload the Adafruit NeoPixel lib to get some blinken lights going… please subscribe to upload a library with a monthly fee of (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I get it, we all want to earn money. I added whopping _5_ objects and run into the first brick wall. Not like this!

Guess that was a futile exercise.