Grab a VR set and jump into a medieaval story. Awesome 😀

Landesmuseum Württemberg on Twitter (Twitter)

“Schon an der Urlaubsplanung für 2020? Wir haben ein außergewöhnliches kostenloses Angebot: Bei uns könnt Ihr virtuell ins Spätmittelalter reisen! Über die Zahlen freuen wir uns hier: Mehr als 10.000 mal wurde unsere VR-Brille schon aufgesetzt! #lmwstuttgart #digkv #vrmuseum”

Hm… much bling but should keep 4CAN V2 on the radar:


4CAN V2 | A Raspberry Pi Project To Help Find Vulnerabilities in Modern Cars by Ayoub ElaichAyoub Elaich

4CAN V2 is a Raspberry Pi project created by the Cisco team in order to test the security of cars via the 4CAN bus, it can also send random payloads to automate this process.

Use this website to find and view descriptions and images of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the British Library:

Medieval Manuscripts on Twitter by @BLMedieval (Twitter)

“If you haven’t caught on yet. Our Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts has been running for over 15 years. We think it’s a great resource 😉, and here are some of the most recent additions”