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So, you got a PGP key, and you're not sure where to publish the public key? Well, now that SKS servers are deprecated and no longer recommended, I wrote an article on why SKS should no longer be used, and what alternatives you might want to try:

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Es ist soweit 🥳
Mein Film zur Reise nach #Tschernobyl ist fertig und von ersten Kritikern abgesegnet.

„Sperrzone - Leben in Tschernobyl“

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Viel Spaß! #Tscherno21

Der @SchoenMuc hat seinen neusten Ausflug in ein Video gegosssen.

Gehst mal schauen! (Sperrzone – Leben in Tschernobyl) by Lenz GrimmerLenz Grimmer (
My team at #Percona just started hiring for a Build / Release #Engineer to support the team that works on our #database distributions. Are you passionate about working on Open Source Software in a fully distributed team and you're experienced in turning source code into software that can be installed and used by mere mortals? Here's your opportunity! #hiring #databases #opensource #software #opportunity #distributed #packagemanagement by Ben See (Twitter)
Coastal cities, agricultural breadbasket regions and water supplies for many communities all will be radically different if this planet returns to a Pliocene CO2 world. This future is not inevitable—but avoiding it will require big* steps now..'


My children will ask me one day what I did back then. So will yours.