On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks by starrwulfestarrwulfe (starrwulfe.xyz)
The past few days on the Fediverse have served to remind me a few things: The internet is as smart and as ignorant (and everything in between) as the macrocosm known as “human civilization” reflects upon it. Sometimes the victims will become the victimizers in any given situation, usually withou...

❤️ https://starrwulfe.xyz/2024/02/on-the-subject-of-connecting-federated-social-media-networks/

So much this.

Hello, this note is written with . If you are reading this with any other software via : Gratulation.

Apparently there is a lot of rage about WordPress COM (that’s the company) changing their terms of service.

This here is just another self hosted WordPress instance (that’s the software) federating with the Fediverse *since 2019* – just like a shiton of other software you may never have heard about – and is not affiliated with said company in any way.

So… mebbe cool your jets. It’s not the software that makes weird policy decisions.

Still have the urge to block, bEcAusE WoRdPReSs? Go ahead 🤷 Just waiting for FediverseIsGoingGreat to pop up any day now.

ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks by David Pierce (The Verge)
Mozilla, Meta, Medium, Flipboard, Tumblr, and so many other companies are betting that the future of social networks looks more like email than it does Elon Musk’s Twitter. And they’re betting on a little-known protocol to make it happen.

🔖 https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/20/23689570/activitypub-protocol-standard-social-network

Mastodon Does Microformats, ActivityPub Does Check-Ins and Travel Plans by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)
I hadn’t really looked, but it turns out that Mastodon has incorporated microformats. It has h-feed and h-card, h-entry (a status), and h-cite (a boost). Plaint text properties (p-), e-content, and link properties (u-) are implemented. Indeed, they all surface when looking at a profile’s HTML so...

Mastodon Does Microformats, ActivityPub Does Check-Ins and Travel Plans: https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2022/11/mastodon-does-microformats-activitypub-does-check-ins-and-travel-plans/

WPSR by Matthias PfefferleMatthias Pfefferle (notiz.blog)
Auf dem CloudFest Hackathon im März, hab‘ ich mich ein wenig mit Alain Schlesser über WordPress und Plugin-Entwicklung unterhalten. Alain meinte, dass er, wenn es das Plugin hergibt und es zeitlich möglich ist, immer zuerst eine generische Library bauen und diese dann über ein WordPress-Plugin...

Now I remember again why I don’t like touching WordPress plugins. It’s this accepted mess of not following any modern best practices. Good to see I’m not alone: https://notiz.blog/2022/05/15/wpsr/

I’m aware of the irony that I’m also using WordPress here. You see, it’s not that easy to get rid of a grown installation dating back to 2004 and convert it into something else.

Also yay for

Feed Reading By Social Distance by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)
At the Crafting {:} a Life unconference one of the things that came up in our conversations was how you take information in, while avoiding the endlessly scrolling timelines of FB and Twitter as well as FOMO. My description of how I read feeds ‘by social distance‘ was met with curiosity and ‘c...

https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2019/06/feed-reading-by-social-distance/ …and finally bookmarked so I don’t have to search for this again and again xD

Attending freiburg.social: Föderierte, dezentrale soziale Netzwerke gegen Macht- und Datenmonopole | Digitaltag Freiburg 18.06.2021 remotely

Hachja, von so viel Engagement zum Thema Digitalkompetenz kann ich hier bei nur träumen. Beispiel gefällig? Schlappe 1,5 Jahre nach Pandemie-Beginn wird die Frage nach einer Video-Konferenz mit Lehrerin oder Schulleitung an der örtlichen Grundschule mit verwirrtem Blinzeln quittiert. Ob und wie das gehe müsse man erst einmal heraus finden 🤦

Herzlichen Glückwunsch https://wir.freiburg.social/

“OSS compliance with privacy by default and design” – Cristina DeLisle (conf.tube)
Privacy is becoming more and more central in shaping the future of tech and the data protection legislation has contributed significantly to making this happen. Privacy by default and design are core principles that are fundamental to how software should be envisioned. The GDPR that came into the spotlight has a strong case to become a standard even outside European borders, influencing the way we protect personal data. However its impact might be, its implementation is still in its infancy. OSS has found itself facing the situation and one aspect which is particularly interesting on the tech side is how to incorporate the principles of privacy by default and design into the software that we build.

Hard to follow due to a lot of head movement without the mic following but a very important topic and interesting talk about especially in combination with the and


Hat tip @sl007@mastodon.social