Bob Marshall on Twitter (Twitter)
“Greetings, new followers. In case you're wondering, I'm tweeting my favourite projects from the last 10 years. Months of effort and careful research goes into these and I don't wish to give the impression that I'm completing one a day, although sometimes I wish I could!”
Cheuk Ting Ho #StayTheFHome on Twitter (Twitter)
“Thinking of doing a #Python #ZeroToHero tutorial series. Teaching Python start from installing. Anyone interested to learn Python every #weekend? Give me a #like if you are interested. (#RT to your friends as well)”

Installing Python on what @cheukting_ho? I mean I had to try this remote on some Windows recently and almost questioned my existence.

Digitalisierung ohne Herz und Verstand by dasnuf
Da sind wir nun: am Ende der 2. Woche Homeschooling. Ich muss an dieser Stelle zu allererst meine Kinder loben. Unermüdlich sind sie dran geblieben. Keinen einzigen Wochentag haben sie auch nur in Frage gestellt, dass die Schule weitergehen muss. Jeden Tag saßen sie gemeinsam an unserem Esstisch u...