Your huddled masses by an author

I was frustrated today by a clip I saw of Fox News bemoaning bringing more refugees to the United States. The host said some racist stuff about migrants “despoiling” the country and making it a place you wouldn’t want to live. It was sadly unsurprising rhetoric coming from a white supremacist….

Grab a VR set and jump into a medieaval story. Awesome 😀

Landesmuseum Württemberg on Twitter (Twitter)

“Schon an der Urlaubsplanung für 2020? Wir haben ein außergewöhnliches kostenloses Angebot: Bei uns könnt Ihr virtuell ins Spätmittelalter reisen! Über die Zahlen freuen wir uns hier: Mehr als 10.000 mal wurde unsere VR-Brille schon aufgesetzt! #lmwstuttgart #digkv #vrmuseum”

Tried to buy train tickets online. Couldn’t figure out the costs (field is blank, FR+SU night, inland, trains only, 2 people). I am supposed to enter payment data tho to book tickets. Phone rang next, session expired, happened. I give up. Will go by 😕

Found some prices during the day and is even way cheaper. Will have to make two stops to recharge. Would have to switch trains twice too. Hours are equal. So it’s expensive nights of uncomfortable sleep vs taking an extra day off and make a nice roadtrip+sightseeing of it.

There is so much wrong with this. Why is the train so gorram expensive? Why is plotting a route such a PITA? Why does a route request cause so much server load that the session has to be dropped within minutes? How can anyone deal with all the other drawbacks involved in this?

Programmers were not allowed to touch the computer. “Uncle” Bob Martin
Just so you know. Wonder if we should go back to this 😀
“Uncle” Bob Martin – “The Future of Programming” (YouTube)
How did our industry start, what paths did it take to get to where we are, and where is it going. What big problems did programmers encounter in the past? Ho…

Hej @roytang,

about that reader. I find the parser very helpful to see what’s going on. There’s also microformat-node if you fancy JS.

I also understand your critism. Same boat here. I wonder all the time how one could convince Joe Webuser why is a thing. I’d say it’s lacking some nifty videos that introduce the principles to new users. Sending users to that Wiki is a disgrace. It’s hard to wrap the head around especially since it’s not a final product but just a collection of ideas around living standards.

Indieweb Updates and Thoughts by Roy Tang

I mentioned before that I was looking into indieweb stuff. There’s a whole wiki of information about it if you’re into that sort of thing, but also here’s a recent post which kind of serves as an overview. I have some comments on the content of this post, more on that later.
Indieweb things I?…

One of the things about I love most is it’s flexibility. This may astonish some but I am gaming on my Linux system for approximately 15 years by now. Situation for improved a lot lately but it was always possible to keep myself distracted 😉

So one of the games I just love to play is XCOM (UFO series). I don’t think I skipped any part and Terror From The Deep will always have a special place in my heart. Anyway, when XCOM was relaunched and eventually ported to Linux by Feral Interactive in 2014 I thought I couldn’t have been happier. Firaxis Games topped this in 2016 with XCOM2 and Feral Interactive once more got the job for the port.

Sadly with all the expansion sets it takes quite a toll on the required hardware. Huge fan of all sliders on maximum and see how it goes and while my box can mostly keep up I notice that I run out of RAM towards the end of the game fast and my machine starts swapping. I’ve 16GB RAM and this game eats it away like children their candy.

I’ve got additional 4GB of swap installed on slow spinning rust disks (legacy) so I notice the moment it starts swapping like hitting a wall. After another frustrated restart of the game I paused for a moment. I don’t know why this games needs so much RAM and frankly I don’t even care. Maybe I’m spoiled nowadays since stuff tends to “just work”.

So I decided to throw more power at it but RAM is expensive and I usually have enough of it for my daily work (or other games). I did get a decent SSD (Solid State Disk) recently tho so it’s to my rescue:

swapoff -a
fallocate -l 16G /games/swapfile
mkswap /games/swapfile
swapon /games/swapfile

…and that’s it. I stopped my previous slow swap partition(s), created a new swapfile of 16GB size on my SSD, formatted it as swap partition and activated it. Now I tabbed back into my game and enjoyed the rest of the evening. Let it swap. The SSD can keep up with it. Not minding a few more seconds during loading screens 😀 I’m considerung to add the activation sequence to my “gaming mode” script.