That was fast. The new API explained in detail already:

Chuckled at the API key paragraph xD

Delving into Renault’s new API by James MuscatJames Muscat (

(Geek level: High – you have been warned!) I’ve been driving a Renault Zoe for over a year now. It’s a great car, but the companion mobil…

Somehow spelling mistakes in source annoy me the most 😂 They disturb my flow somehow 😅

Rosemary Orchard on Twitter (Twitter)

“If, when you solve a bug, you don’t find at least one other (or accidentally create it) then you often haven’t looked/tested hard enough! 😂
I look forward to the day when the only bugs are spelling mistakes in visible strings. I estimate the year 2258?”

Migrating From Cloudflare by Ash FurrowAsh Furrow (Ash Furrow)

Running a Mastodon instance requires at least one thing: a server somewhere to run the code and store media uploads. Since media upload storage is a common burden for servers, many solutions exist for upload storage. Mastodon can optionally be configured to upload media somewhere else. I use an AWS S3 “bucket” for…

Gotta love it when I accidentally click on “Explore” in Twitter and get auto-played movies featuring blood, violence and slaughter shoved right into my face as “Trending”.

Same with FB ads btw.

What’s wrong with you, humanity? Depressing!

Glad my own bubble is way better sorted.

Oh wow. I’m following @Rob_Marshall for quite some time now but this one beats it all. “Wolf At The Door” is an interpretation of the siege of Stirling Castle in 1304.

There’s also a production video beside the rendered images and a lot of background information on the siege itself. Fiddling with Blender myself I’ve quite some understanding about the process involved so I can’t stress enough how freakin awesome this work is:

Featured Image © as of Bob Marshall’s Non-Commercial Image License Agreement