Lego hurts my fingers. by crystalcrystal
Lego, Facebook Marketplace, and a trunk full of cringe. Like this:Like Loading... It was a busy weekend. I know I should feel like I’ve accomplished stuff. I took pictures all afternoon, and took apart a couple of the smaller sets. So far, I’ve already sold a couple of the larger sets. A disasse...
Working Draft 435 by Matthias PfefferleMatthias Pfefferle
Ich war, zusammen mit Sebastian Lasse, zu Gast beim Working Draft und wir haben mit Peter Kröner ein wenig über das „Open, Decentralized, Federated und Indie„-Web gesprochen. Download MP3 | Apple Podcast | Spotify Die Folge ist ein schöner Rundumschlag von ActivityPub bis Zot (naja, Zot hatte...
200728: Wie ich einmal Derrick guckte by Wolf
Ich habe eben die obige Folge Derrick geguckt und zwar weil beim Perlentaucher (und wegen genau solcher Kuriositäten lese ich den Perlentaucher und zahle auch dafür) diese Rezension empfohlen wurde. Bei Sätzen wie dem folgenden verstehe ich im Grunde kein Wort, aber das macht sie nur toller: Die ...

It was way to warm today so I hid in the basement for most of the day getting some stuff done. Mostly cleaning up. The place was a mess.

While doing so I cleaned all my swords that were cluttered all over the place 🤓 Other gear was also in dire need of training. My fencing vest was probably occupied by a cat for a long time and used as a nest. Tried it on after months and all the training pays off. It fits again – breathing included 🤺

Fitting in my fencing vest again – feels good

While clearing my workbench I found a cable drum waiting for a new plug. Later I found replacement plugs so I got that finally fixed too 😀

Good as new plug for the cable drum

I also found this little treasure of 19 FFP2 masks filled in 2009. Lucky me, eh? Feeling very rich now 😀

Box of old but good FFP2 masks

Kids were also around most of the time and had a lot of fun with various training tools. Don’t get it wrong, we’re not particular athletic here. Stuff just piles up.

Busy day.

My Hugo cheat sheet by Ana RodriguesAna Rodrigues (
I'm a big fan of static site generators and since last year I've been using Hugo for a lot for simple and small marketing/product websites for clients. However, I don't know Go and I struggle a bit to remember all the logic that work in the templates so... I do a lot of searching and copy pasting. I...