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My girlfriend gave me the idea the other day, when I complained that sometimes I don’t know what to blog about, that I could “react” to my old posts. Kind of like how web video producers react to videos. And I think that’s not a bad idea. It’s a good way to see how one’s own views have c...

I can tell 🤓

WordPress Stories – a quick review by @edent (
The WordPress app for Android prompted me to add a story! This is a new and experimental feature. Sadly, it isn’t very good. Here’s how it works. A pop up in the Android app. There’s a brief description and some aspirational screenshots. In product screenshot. You've got early access to Story ...

This feels so very wrong. Like a failed gamification attempt. It would sure drive me away o0 by Mike Kuketz :mastodon:Mike Kuketz :mastodon: (
KeePassXC: Auto-Type und Browser-Add-on im Alltag nutzen – Passwörter Teil1 one of the best features of usually overlooked is it’s integrated ssh-agent making key management easy and secure.

See for example.

Google will delete your data when inactive by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (
Google is introducing new policies to cause data in unused products to be deleted after extended periods of inactivity. For example, anyone who has uploaded photos to Google Photos but does not use Google Photos for two years will have their photos automatically deleted. This is yet another reminder...

Google Photos? Inactivity? Haha. I lost count of how many times I disabled this to find it enabled after some months again for unknown reasons.

Hard to kill. by Microblog (
For the next week, I’ll be giving the free trial of Inkl a go. It’s a news aggregator; the idea is they pay news outlets for their articles, and you pay Inkl for the clean ad-free interface and the warm fuzzies of helping to keep journalism limping along.

Inkl is an app, no? There is no feed (with a token) I could subscribe to if I understood this correctly.

And it was almost interesting.

Wasteland 3 now available on Linux from inXile Entertainment by Liam DaweLiam Dawe (
inXile Entertainment have today officially released Wasteland 3 for Linux (and macOS), following on from their successful Fig campaign in 2016 and Windows release in August 2020. Acting as a sequel to their 2014 hit, Wasteland 3 is a squad-based RPG with challenging tactical turn-based combat and ...

Uh oh. Wasteland 3 is finally released for PC?

I’ll be in my bunk.

ce­les­tial-de­vel­op­ment-up­date by Ru SinghRu Singh (
Moving off GitHub: I'm mov­ing Celestial's pri­mary de­vel­op­ment away from GitHub, which will only get the oc­ca­sional pushes from now on. Issues were al­ready im­ported into the new host a while ago, but the pro­ject kan­ban boards will need to set up man­u­ally. I don't think Gitea...

Thinking of moving to Gitea too. Did you follow some specific howto or did you just rtfm? Very interested in a guide here 😆

Adventures and Blessings by crystalcrystal (
When BossRPh left, she didn’t tell anyone she was leaving. There were no goodbyes to patients she liked, she just up and disappeared. Patients are just starting to really notice she’s not there anymore, and ask questions. They’ve suddenly realized it’s not just a weird fluke and they’ve co...

Wish I’d have thought of something like this on a job before. That’s such a nice idea.

Makes the whole thing of leaving more real.

This even happens on social media all the time. You read someone for years only to eventually discover after months that an account is gone or dead in the water leaving you wonder what happened.