Cheuk Ting Ho #StayTheFHome on Twitter (Twitter)
“Thinking of doing a #Python #ZeroToHero tutorial series. Teaching Python start from installing. Anyone interested to learn Python every #weekend? Give me a #like if you are interested. (#RT to your friends as well)”

Installing Python on what @cheukting_ho? I mean I had to try this remote on some Windows recently and almost questioned my existence.

How to read RSS in 2020 by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else
I often talk about “RSS feeds” and that it’s my favorite way to follow content sources (news, blogs, YouTube channels) on the internet. Laura Kalbag wrote about how to read RSS in 2020 in which she explains the basics and benefits about RSS. RSS is a way to get updates from a website without v...

Nice article you found there @jlelse – and as you know I’m one of your followers. To be more specific my blog does follow your feed and exposes it to me via again – usually to my mobile phone thanks to Indigenous for Android 😀

GDPR and common sense by an author
Every so often, I get a glimpse into the thought processes of someone who has a very different view of the world to me. I don't deal with people's personal information often. So I was surprised to receive an email with a multi-megabyte spreadsheet called "Pay and Bonuses 2020". The email contained t...

Heh, no idea what GDPR has to do with password protected attachments but this reminds me of a nifty customer that decided that NextCloud or KeePass files are way too complicated and simply dropped me required data in my HOME folder on the brand new server I was supposed to configure next day anyway. This I could access with my very own ssh key generated just for this purpose the day before. I had to admire the simplicity – and I needed that data on this server anyway 😀

Also auto-complete is a PITA on occasion. Looking at you Firefox.

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“@popey "I was forced to stay home for one whole day and here's my 100 step plan for remote working.... part 1"”
Working remote for years and I had many arguments on this especially with customers. Suddenly it’s not really a problem any more. Dunno, should I laugh or cry? 🤷
My 2FA Code was 000 000! by @edent
I stared at my TOTP generator. Surely this must be a bug? Leap Year related? Or a cold-start error? Or some freaky prank? How could my login code be 000000?!?! A standard TOTP code is normally 6 digits long. There are a million combinations, from 000000 to 999999. A million isn't a particularly big ...

Ooh, a Cryptonomicon (novel) reference in 2020. NICE one @edent👍

As Cities: Skylines comes up to the five year mark, it's on a big sale by Liam DaweLiam Dawe
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order are celebrating Cities: Skylines, as it's coming up for the five year mark since it took the city-building world by storm. What a storm it was too, not much can really come close to just how fun Cities: Skylines actually is. Frankly, it's become the definitive ...

Cities Skylines is a very special game. I sunk way too many hours into this and still enjoy it on occasion.

There’s a nifty plugin that allows to overlay a png image with transparency so one could hobble together a map with imported heights data from e.g. NASA and overlay it with streets, rivers and train tracks from e.g. Google Maps.

This results in recreation of real cities within the engine bringing the hardware to it’s limits.

There are also hundreds of downloadable assets in the workshop.

🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 🏴󠁧󠁢 🚊✝️ mab Elystan Glodrydd on Twitter (Twitter)
“@unbinaryrainbow @_court I use Feedly. The Pro version includes a Twitter feed reader. There are also tools such as Feedity which can monitor a site and post you an RSS feed if no RSS is present.”

Sounds like familiar pain. I use a mix of ,, and consolidated on my server where my reader connects to. This is basically self hosted so it can’t be killed by Google.