Who reads my blog? by @edent@edent (shkspr.mobi)

Hello! Thank you for reading what I write. Sorry to ask, but… who are you? I was chatting to a friend about what it is like running a blog, finding new topics, keeping up with a daily schedule, moderating comments, etc. And they asked, quite reasonably, "who are your readers?" And, honestly, I have very […]

Pretty easy @edent. Reading in since 2019 when you posted “The future of the web, isn’t the web”. That was shortly before you added Webmentions 😀 I love your occasional reviews especially with an eye on the Linux-y side of things and your way to see the world seems to align fine with my own view.

I’m just your average 40-ish dad who works in tech and also happens to build cockpits for fun in the basement or loves swinging a sword around 🤓

…and I almost had longer hair than you once 😛

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