Last day of war by Dima FedotovDima Fedotov from YouTube
It has been twenty years since the last Great War broke out. All people are dead, but automatons continue obediently follow orders. On the computerized base, machines fuel and charge the weapons of last surviving bomber, as it prepares to drop bombs on a long dead enemy city. This conflict grinds on, until the echo of mankind subsides completely.

Gives me the creeps every time I remember this and rewatch it:

There’s some sort of prequel in the same play list that is also worth watching.

Wondrous Creatures Of Valheim EP1 by IrongateIrongate from YouTube
Follow George the Greydwarf as he leaves his family to explore the world of Valheim. Subscribe, Like, Comment and join the Discord for a chance to get BETA A...

Follow George the Greydwarf as he leaves his family to explore the world of Valheim:

A mockumentary short by the -nutters- developers of at Iron Gate Studio.

Paths of Hate 2011 HD by  Damian Nenow Damian Nenow from YouTube
"Paths of Hate" is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.

It’s this time again: Paths of Hate

This should be shared more often for it has a story to tell.

Article about Tales from the Green Valley by Peter SommerPeter Sommer from Peter Sommer Travels
Article about Tales from the Green Valley, by Peter Sommer, Director of the award-winning BBC TV exploring life on a Welsh farm in the 17th century

I’m watching Tales From The Green Valley again and while it’s not my usual period of interest (1620) it’s still a masterpiece for hands on history. Very inspiring and packed with useful knowledge.