Trying to eradicate waste from the household is hard! I mean beside obvious stuff, like soap instead of shampoo, it’s literally everywhere. I was just introduced to a more unexpected solution by ‘Dimicator’, who’s work I’m following closely for some years now. Roland suggests waxed cloth even in the fridge and not just for or – a very solution:

He also helpfully explains how to waxed cloth:

No first hand experience on this yet but tbf we’re already _not_ wrapping food in _single use_ plastic anyway. It is intriguing though. I mean people did fine without plastic for food supplies for centuries, no? đŸ€·


Spending new year’s eve with the crazy people from our or peer group has it’s side effects. So beside having a short sword (and spear) training in the early morning – after cleaning up of course – we had various boomsticks to fire this year đŸ„ł

Visited the Museum Of Everyday Life in Castle Waldenbuch 71111 / Germany. This town is known for it’s chocolate factory of Ritter Sport but it does indeed have a very nice medieaval town core – timber-framed buildings included.

The museum itself is simply great. The place is huge and there is so much to see. It was also a great place for the kids who in opposition to usual museum trips did not just run from room to room. The exhibits really catched their attention and we spent a surprisingly long time inside.

My personal highlight was the opportunity to see the Family Swevia and Reisecen live showcasing their deeds. Two great living history groups that really do put a lot of effort and research in their presentations.

Article about Tales from the Green Valley by Peter SommerPeter Sommer from Peter Sommer Travels
Article about Tales from the Green Valley, by Peter Sommer, Director of the award-winning BBC TV exploring life on a Welsh farm in the 17th century

I’m watching Tales From The Green Valley again and while it’s not my usual period of interest (1620) it’s still a masterpiece for hands on history. Very inspiring and packed with useful knowledge.

Visited the Bachritterburg in 88422 Kanzach / Germany, a reconstruction of a medieaval motte-and-bailey castle from the early 14th. century. It’s a wooden fortification with an enclosed courtyard that has a lot of Living History from various groups going on.