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Hey there! How are you doing? What have you been up to? We hope that wherever you are, things are looking better than they did when we last sent an update.   Â đŸ€” What have we been up to?  As we mentioned in our last update, we’ve been busy transitioning into Somus ! This has meant migrating an enormous codebase, laying fresh cloud infrastructure, handling the legal transitioning matters but most importantly, fundraising.
On damsels and influencers by Dr Eleanor Janega (going-medieval.com)
So, the other day I was over on my extremely good Patreon that you would like if you joined, having a chat in a video about my research methodologies and some books I have used lately. I gushed about one book in particular, Kim M. Phillips’s Medieval Maidens: young women and gender in England, 127...

TIL: The difference between Queen Elizabeth of York and modern influencers on Instagram.

Great read, as usual: https://going-medieval.com/2021/07/09/on-damsels-and-influencers/ 👏

đŸŒĄïžđŸ“ˆđŸŒž by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (jlelse.blog)
Der Sommer scheint jetzt richtig los zu gehen. Wieder Temperaturen ĂŒber 30 Grad Celsius und nachts an manchen Tagen nicht weniger als 20. Wer nach dem kalten Winter dachte, dass das mit der Klimakrise ja nicht so schlimm sei, der erinnert sich jetzt vielleicht wieder, dass Wetter nicht gleich Klima...