Books beat facebook by an author (IN FULL FLOW)

I needed to spread the word about my podcast, therefore I logged in on facebook more often these past two weeks. Of course I scrolled through the stream for a bit and came to the conclusion I don’t miss a lot by not scrolling through my timeline. Instead, I’ve been enjoying reading books.

Serendipitous learning (21) by an author (IN FULL FLOW)

Curiosity took me to the Commons explore page on Flickr this morning. I typed in ‘Amersfoort’, as one does when one wants to learn more about ones own city. Several images came up, but no too many. When clicking through some of them, I was amazed how much of these images were

Climate bar code (15) by an author (IN FULL FLOW)

The Dutch national weather service published a very simple visual that underlines temperatures are rising. A colored bar code of average temperature per year, from 1901 to 2019.

Climate bar code of The Netherlands, each bar representing average temperature in 1 year, starting