Your huddled masses by an author

I was frustrated today by a clip I saw of Fox News bemoaning bringing more refugees to the United States. The host said some racist stuff about migrants “despoiling” the country and making it a place you wouldn’t want to live. It was sadly unsurprising rhetoric coming from a white supremacist….

Stadt Stuttgart on Twitter (Twitter)

“Vorboten für “Lebenswerte Stadt für alle”: Ab sofort gelten für Auto- und Motorradfahrer in der Eberhardstraße neue Verkehrsregeln. Das Ordnungsamt #Stuttgart hat die Zufahrtsmöglichkeiten für den motorisierten Verkehr geändert. Alle Infos:”

Okuna on Twitter (Twitter)

“👷‍♀️👷‍♂️ We’re busy-busy building our sustainability model and preparing the app stores launch! In the meanwhile, we’re shipping a smaller than usual (yet important) release.

See what’s new on release 0.0.55 here! 👇”