Kinda sad to read that my favorite Diaspora pod is probably about to shut down but tbf I’m surprised how long it lasted. There’s a reason that ppl flock to Mastodon / ActivityPub instead. Less technical and way better UX to begin with.

As for myself I became my own Hub by following the principles:

Losing this pod means basically I’ll have to re-syndicate my content somewhere else again (if I bother at all). A lesson learnt thanks to G+, Geocities and yeah – even Diaspora and even with pubsubhubbub that is basically a nice idea.

Wishing it’s admin all the best for his next project if the decision is pulling the plug.

Yes, please 😀 I want this too.

Unlisted Posts by Aaron PareckiAaron Parecki

At IndieWebCamp Amsterdam I finally implemented unlisted posts for my website! This has been on my list for a while, and is a prerequisite for being able to do fancier things like posting full photo albums to my site, so I decided to take the plunge and finally get this done.
There has been some bra…

IndieAuth plugin is fine for me. I have it installed and active anyway since it’s part of the suggested IndieWeb plugin collection for WordPress. In fact I feel more uneasy with auth functions crammed into other plugins where I don’t even expect them to be. Feels wrong to have such functions all over the place.

IndieAuth for WordPress Question by David ShanskeDavid Shanske

Thinking about the necessity of maintaining IndieAuth code in the Micropub plugin and now the Yarns Microsub plugin for WordPress.
I wanted to put out to any WordPress user for some input. The IndieAuth plugin creates an IndieAuth endpoint inside your WordPress installation. This means that you logi…