Adding Webmentions to My Website by Martin SchneiderMartin Schneider
Webmention is a webstandard that enables websites to notify each other when content is mentioned, liked or linked. This is my little journey how I have implemented them into my website. One reason to write posts like this one is sharing my learnings and I’m looking forward to get as much feedback ...

So good to see the growing 🙂 Thanks for considering . It’s an ongoing challenge that probably never pays off for small private websites at all. Anyway, I’ve my disclaimer up – kindly provided by the WordPress plugin – so the only thing to cover are probably backfeed comments. Considering from what sites such backfeeds usually come from – and what privacy disclaimer they run – I’ll simply wait for the first request. Not that hard to print out or get rid of a bunch of table entries, no?

BTW: I couldn’t automatically parse your h-card because it’s not a child of the h-entry. See for easier debug.

Evaluating finally myself. All I know of it before was from presentation or FAQ and I recommended it a lot already as your one-stop solution. Time to take a closer look myself. My first trial expired because I never finished the sign up process when confronted with adding credit card information upfront. I hear this is not or no longer required and @manton, creator of all this, kindly reset my trial.

So far I’m pretty impressed. Oh and it’s also powered by – my latest favourite toy I started playing around with 😀

a post by thomasmeythomasmey
damals gab es eine kurzen augenblick in dem blogs ganz groß waren, vor den platformen, damals... manche seite von damals gibt es immer noch z.B.: damals in den zeiten der deutschen blogcharts war das netz noch jung und frisch und voller möglichkeiten. heute haben die mikroblog...

Das ganze Netz? Nein! Ein unbeugsame Blogosphäre hört nicht auf, den großen Silos Widerstand zu leisten. Und das Leben ist nicht leicht für die Menschen des , die von Besatzern in den befestigten Gärten von Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr und Instagram umgeben sind…

Presentation notes from Civic Tech TO Hacknight on Jan 7 2020. “IndieWeb: Empowering individuals through collective design” by Jack JamiesonJack Jamieson
Below are slides and a rough transcript of a short talk I gave for the Civic Tech Toronto Hacknight on January 7, 2020. It was my first time to attend Civic Tech TO and I was impressed with the great projects they’re working on. If you’re in Toronto on a Tuesday night I can strongly recommend st...
Six Web Performance Technologies to Watch in 2020 by simonhearnesimonhearne
Don't bet on 5G and HTTP/3 to make things faster, there are six technologies that I believe will have a bigger impact on web performance in 2020.

Looks a lot better with @simonhearne 👍

Gotta work on the nesting tho. Any comment is listed as author of the article 😉 Check other examples how to format comments / cite. Also make sure that name or value of the h-card is not empty. URL and photo is optional. may be of help to see what’s going on.


Own Your Content on Social Media Using the IndieWeb— (Zach Leatherman)
A post by Zach Leatherman (zachleat)

This is exactly what the is missing. Fun introductions to pure awesome. The irony is that I learned about this excellent example on Diaspora while introducing someone else to Indieweb principles who came up in return with this video after a short search on the net.

Mayhap a little bit short of Webmentions but it is a huge topic after all 😉

Ty @zachleat 👍
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