On the subject of Connecting Federated Social Media Networks by starrwulfestarrwulfe (starrwulfe.xyz)
The past few days on the Fediverse have served to remind me a few things: The internet is as smart and as ignorant (and everything in between) as the macrocosm known as “human civilization” reflects upon it. Sometimes the victims will become the victimizers in any given situation, usually withou...

❤️ https://starrwulfe.xyz/2024/02/on-the-subject-of-connecting-federated-social-media-networks/

So much this.

I like eye-candy for my and for the longest time I did override the generic icon for missing SVGs via CSS. This never fixed the titles thought and after starting to mass non descriptive links all named “website” I started to dig into the code class-relme-domain-icon-map.php of the plugin.

Update: Well fck, the entire svg folder gets replaced on update of the IndieWeb plugin. Good idea to backup additional SVGs so they can be copied back on Update. Proxmox snapshot for the win!

Turns out Rel_Me_Domain_Icon_Map does some file system shacking for unknown domains in wp-content/plugins/indieweb/static/svg/ so I fixed myself some symbolic links:

discuss-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> lemmy.svg
live-dot-famkos-dot-net.svg -> owncast.svg
nerdpol-dot-ch.svg -> diaspora.svg
social-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> mastodon.svg
t-dot-me.svg -> telegram.svg
tube-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> peertube.svg

The title is read directly from the SVG so adding a title tag so custom SVGs helps with that.

That’s a lot of CSS that I can remove now 🤓

ActivityPub is the next big thing in social networks by David Pierce (The Verge)
Mozilla, Meta, Medium, Flipboard, Tumblr, and so many other companies are betting that the future of social networks looks more like email than it does Elon Musk’s Twitter. And they’re betting on a little-known protocol to make it happen.

🔖 https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/20/23689570/activitypub-protocol-standard-social-network

IndieWeb by Astrid GüntherAstrid Günther (blog.astrid-guenther.de)
The IndieWeb[^indieweb.org/] is about taking control of your content, sharing your thoughts and ideas in one place and then spreading them on other social platforms. What if a social network becomes so that you don't feel comfortable there anymore? Or it gets shut down altogether? In that case, what...

Apparently can be |ified too: https://blog.astrid-guenther.de/en/cassiopeia-joomla-indieweb/ 🤔

I mean Joomla (and especially it’s UI) gives me the creeps but good to know I guess.

https://jan.boddez.net/notes/77092796ed by Jan BoddezJan Boddez (jan.boddez.net)
Testing my “all-in-one” “IndieWeb” plugin for WordPress with the new 6.1 beta and Twenty Twenty-Three. Seems to work OK, but I’m wondering why my “site doesn’t support the core/post-author-name block.” Like, I knew about the post author block … Of course, you’ve got to install Gu...

This is _very_ exciting @Jan. Would love to give this a try but I’m totally at capacity right now 🙁 Anyway, starred. Keep it up!

Wellenreiten 01/2021 by Thomas HochsteinThomas Hochstein (Netz - Rettung - Recht)
Wer im Netz unterwegs ist, findet und liest dort so allerlei. Der Linkdump meiner interessanten und spannenden Fundstücke im Januar 2021.

Ok, https://www.onli-blogging.de/ gefällt mir gut, danke Thomas! Direkt den Feed abonniert 😀 Das Blog ist auch mit gemacht? Bzw es ist _das_ Serendipity Blog, wenn ich das richtig verstehe? Jetzt bin ich neugierig geworden. Wie immer stellt sich mir natürlich die Frage nach Funktionen. Fix mal im Netz gesucht und dabei https://www.cgarbs.de/blog/archives/1195-IndieWeb-Stufe-1.html und https://board.s9y.org/viewtopic.php?t=21018 gefunden. Offenbar ist das schon länger auf dem Radar, wurde bisher aber nicht umgesetzt.

Wie man mit Trackback oder Pingback gleichsetzen kann verstehe ich allerdings nicht 🤷. Beides kann doch gar kein Ping mit “intent”?

Jedenfalls werde ich das mal im Auge behalten. WP habe ich ja auch nur noch aus Gewohnheit im Einsatz und nicht weil es mir so gut gefällt 😅

Publish Text, Image, and Gallery Snippets With the Shortnotes WordPress Plugin (WordPress Tavern)
Yesterday, Happy Prime owner and engineer Jeremy Felt released Shortnotes, a plugin for writing notes from the WordPress editor. The intention is for users to create short pieces of content, such a…

I know that David Shanske is working on this but it is a sour spot that Post Kinds does need the Classic Editor plugin that will soon be End Of Life so any fresh wind here is good.

Hat tip Jan Boddez