Wellenreiten 01/2021 by Thomas HochsteinThomas Hochstein (Netz - Rettung - Recht)
Wer im Netz unterwegs ist, findet und liest dort so allerlei. Der Linkdump meiner interessanten und spannenden Fundstücke im Januar 2021.

Ok, https://www.onli-blogging.de/ gefällt mir gut, danke Thomas! Direkt den Feed abonniert 😀 Das Blog ist auch mit gemacht? Bzw es ist _das_ Serendipity Blog, wenn ich das richtig verstehe? Jetzt bin ich neugierig geworden. Wie immer stellt sich mir natürlich die Frage nach Funktionen. Fix mal im Netz gesucht und dabei https://www.cgarbs.de/blog/archives/1195-IndieWeb-Stufe-1.html und https://board.s9y.org/viewtopic.php?t=21018 gefunden. Offenbar ist das schon länger auf dem Radar, wurde bisher aber nicht umgesetzt.

Wie man mit Trackback oder Pingback gleichsetzen kann verstehe ich allerdings nicht 🤷. Beides kann doch gar kein Ping mit “intent”?

Jedenfalls werde ich das mal im Auge behalten. WP habe ich ja auch nur noch aus Gewohnheit im Einsatz und nicht weil es mir so gut gefällt 😅

Publish Text, Image, and Gallery Snippets With the Shortnotes WordPress Plugin (WordPress Tavern)
Yesterday, Happy Prime owner and engineer Jeremy Felt released Shortnotes, a plugin for writing notes from the WordPress editor. The intention is for users to create short pieces of content, such a…

I know that David Shanske is working on this but it is a sour spot that Post Kinds does need the Classic Editor plugin that will soon be End Of Life so any fresh wind here is good.

Hat tip Jan Boddez

Added Webmention support to the blog by Wladimir PalantWladimir Palant (Almost Secure)
A discussion on Mastodon convinced me to take a look at the Webmention standard, and I even implemented a receiver for this blog.

Awesome, @WPalant@infosec.exchange is giving Webmentions a try and that’s totally not my fault 😁

Hope this works out for you too 👍 It’s intriguing how your focus is on the security side of things. Most people I know use it simply for easier interactions and backfeeding. Let me know if you’re interested in a tour/demo 😉

Adding Webmentions to My Website by Martin SchneiderMartin Schneider (martinschneider.me)
Webmention is a webstandard that enables websites to notify each other when content is mentioned, liked or linked. This is my little journey how I have implemented them into my website. One reason to write posts like this one is sharing my learnings and I’m looking forward to get as much feedback ...

So good to see the growing 🙂 Thanks for considering . It’s an ongoing challenge that probably never pays off for small private websites at all. Anyway, I’ve my disclaimer up – kindly provided by the WordPress plugin – so the only thing to cover are probably backfeed comments. Considering from what sites such backfeeds usually come from – and what privacy disclaimer they run – I’ll simply wait for the first request. Not that hard to print out or get rid of a bunch of table entries, no?

BTW: I couldn’t automatically parse your h-card because it’s not a child of the h-entry. See http://php.microformats.io/ for easier debug.

A note from the Fediverse: a Pixelfed update. by Gergo LippaiGergo Lippai (A day in the rants)
Lately I’ve been photo blogging to Pixelfed instead of Instagram. (Pixelfed.social, to be precise, which is an instance running Pixelfed. I wrote a note about Pixelfed a while ago where this …

Interesting read about Pixelfed: https://gergolippai.com/2019/05/23/a-note-from-the-fediverse-a-pixelfed-update/ by @gergolippai@mastodon.social. It’s odd that I’m already that long on the Fediverse but never took a closer look at .

Seems to be an interesting blog as well. Mayhap missing support but I’ll happily sub to the feed 🙂

Update: Looks like @gergolippai@mastodon.social added support: https://mastodon.social/@gergolippai/103989943052882888 👍

https://jlelse.blog/micro/2019/12/2019-12-23-wassn/ by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (jlelse.blog)
Thanks for your tip to take a look at the post by Steve Layton! Unfortunately I'm not using micro.blog currently and rather want my setup to be self-hosted as much as possible. To do that I recently also started receiving webmentions myself instead of relying on webmention.io. It's not that I don't ...

That’s the way to go, @jlelse. While self hosting is more work it does always pay in the end. Especially at the end of 3rd party services: https://indieweb.org/site-deaths

aren’t that critical tho since the addressed endpoint is always in your own control and can be switched any minute. So I guess it’s fine to use the service especially in the beginning. Still a good move.

Das #Fediverse by Melli Melli (write.kabi.tk)
mehr als nur eine gute Alternative zu Facebook und Co

Sehr cooler Artikel über das Fediverse als Alternative:


Auch spannend, Plume scheint eine Instanz mit aber ohne Support zu sein. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt was da nun passiert @mel@metalhead.club.