A note from the Fediverse: a Pixelfed update. by Gergo LippaiGergo Lippai (A day in the rants)
Lately I’ve been photo blogging to Pixelfed instead of Instagram. (Pixelfed.social, to be precise, which is an instance running Pixelfed. I wrote a note about Pixelfed a while ago where this …

Interesting read about Pixelfed: https://gergolippai.com/2019/05/23/a-note-from-the-fediverse-a-pixelfed-update/ by @gergolippai@mastodon.social. It’s odd that I’m already that long on the Fediverse but never took a closer look at .

Seems to be an interesting blog as well. Mayhap missing support but I’ll happily sub to the feed 🙂

Update: Looks like @gergolippai@mastodon.social added support: https://mastodon.social/@gergolippai/103989943052882888 👍