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Thanks for your tip to take a look at the post by Steve Layton! Unfortunately I'm not using currently and rather want my setup to be self-hosted as much as possible. To do that I recently also started receiving webmentions myself instead of relying on It's not that I don't ...

That’s the way to go, @jlelse. While self hosting is more work it does always pay in the end. Especially at the end of 3rd party services:

aren’t that critical tho since the addressed endpoint is always in your own control and can be switched any minute. So I guess it’s fine to use the service especially in the beginning. Still a good move.

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  1. Self-hosting my blog and the related services not only gives me the independence from third-party-services, it also gives me the option to customize things to my liking. In my opinion, this is even more important.I moved domains several times, merged blogs etc. and to keep links working there are a lot of redirects in place. That wouldn’t be possible with a service like or at least not with it’s current features.Additionally I can easily add new features. Just now I have implemented the option to receive notifications for new webmentions directly via Telegram.Btw: Nice domain! 😂

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