I like eye-candy for my and for the longest time I did override the generic icon for missing SVGs via CSS. This never fixed the titles thought and after starting to mass non descriptive links all named “website” I started to dig into the code class-relme-domain-icon-map.php of the plugin.

Update: Well fck, the entire svg folder gets replaced on update of the IndieWeb plugin. Good idea to backup additional SVGs so they can be copied back on Update. Proxmox snapshot for the win!

Turns out Rel_Me_Domain_Icon_Map does some file system shacking for unknown domains in wp-content/plugins/indieweb/static/svg/ so I fixed myself some symbolic links:

discuss-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> lemmy.svg
live-dot-famkos-dot-net.svg -> owncast.svg
nerdpol-dot-ch.svg -> diaspora.svg
social-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> mastodon.svg
t-dot-me.svg -> telegram.svg
tube-dot-tchncs-dot-de.svg -> peertube.svg

The title is read directly from the SVG so adding a title tag so custom SVGs helps with that.

That’s a lot of CSS that I can remove now 🤓

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  1. All good, thanks 🙂

    Figured out how to do that for Syndication Links a while ago too. Just had to re-enable that.

    Hacked everything directly into the SemPress theme before and only now started a proper child theme so I’m taking a closer look at some things.

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