Do any Open Source Licences require source history? by @edent
A question to the void. Are you entitled to get the source history of open source projects? Lots of Open Source licences give the consumer of software the right to a copy of the source code. For example, GPLv3 says that distributors of software have to: give anyone who possesses the object code … ...

I’ve a foggy memory of Apple doing this. Code they used came back altered in a bulk that was hard to get into upstream again. A lot of discussion was going on about this practice but I don’t recall the outcome.

Your Blog is Your Avatar by Ton Zijlstra
A few days ago Om Malik blogged about his writing advice, ‘write like a human‘, saying there’s no need for more bland mediocrity like ‘freeze-dried news reports’. Being real will always be as unique as yourself. It coincided with me rereading something I blogged around this time in 2003, s...

Thanks for this article, Ton. This picks up a lot of the web spirits from years ago before everybody went into full self displaying mode. I’m glad that there are still people writing and not just looking for the next cheap Likes acting “a life”.

Also I’m very curious about that couch-surfing initiative for bloggers you mentioned but the server doesn’t seem to deliver any more. I assume this project is gone?

Mailchimp gives me more than I want by elmineelmine
I discovered a disturbing thing yesterday when exporting my Mailchimp e-mail contacts for IFF. Mailchimp has more personal data than I asked for

Had no idea mailchimp does that. I mean I never used it myself for sending but I may have used it in the past as subscriber somewhere. Seems like another good reason to do the extra work of adding a mail forwarder for each sign-on that want’s mail. Thanks for pointing this issue out!

"Schützt Leben, nicht Daten!" by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else
Wolfgang Bauer, Krisenreporter der ZEIT, argumentiert in “Schützt Leben, nicht Daten!”, wieso wir in Deutschland auch so ein rigoroses Tracing bräuchten, wie es das in Südkorea gibt, wo mit allen Mitteln, die sonst etwa zur Aufklärung von Morden, nach Infizierten gesucht wird. Hier einige Ab...

Das sehe ich komplett anders Jan-Lukas. Mag das Ziel noch so nobel sein:

Wo ein Trog ist, sammeln sich die Schweine

Überwachung und Sammelwut wird stets weiter ausgebaut, aber nicht mehr reduziert. Wir haben das alles schon vor Jahren zum Thema Vorratsdatenspeicherung (VDS) durch gekaut und mich persönlich kotzt es an dass hier immer weiter aufgeweicht, gesammelt und abgegriffen wird – auch ohne rechtliche Grundlage. Das wieder weg zu klagen dauert Jahre, und schon sind drei neue Systeme an die selbe Stelle getreten. Der IST Zustand ist alarmierend!

Wir wissen um die Gefahren, weil es bereits geschehen ist. Zuerst nur wegen schwerer Verbrechen. Dann gegen einfache Ordnungswidrigkeiten. Morgen gegen politische Gegner. Und so weiter. Steck deine Nase bitte in ein Geschichtsbuch. Und wenn dir das zu fad ist hätte ich dir noch eine Buchempfehlung (Roman):

Wir als IT-ler wissen um das technisch Machbare bereits. Wenn wir es uns vorstellen können wird es irgend jemand auch implementieren.

a post by mueslimuesli
Did you know most file managers on Linux support a ".hidden" file in your home directory? It works pretty much as gitignore does: it hides everything that you list in this file, one file/dir per line.

This… is… AWESOME. I had no idea about .hidden. This way I can de-clutter my $HOME polluted by a shiton of programs not caring about XDG Base Directory Specification.

My triple screen set-up for effective online presentations by @edent
I recently gave an online presentation at Tech Nottingham. It went off without a hitch, and I got some great feedback. I’d like to briefly discuss the tech that I used to make it all work. Here’s “mission control”: A computer with three screens. On the left portrait monitor, I had two window...

I do similar with OBS and a loopback device as video sink that is also used as source for the browser. Obs has a nice feature of scenes inside scenes so I can merge basically whatever I want to share.

The whole setup consists of three displays tho.

Did you know you can run multiple Obs? Just don’t use the same sink (or the hotkeys). Results are.. funny 😅

a post by an author

Meh. Pushing webp support to next week again and again. Not that it’s difficult to implement. It’s basically a nginx snippet while the website offers both in the best case.

a post
I’m looking to join some IndieWeb meetups, even virtually, to get some of that social interaction going again. I’m at a loss for how to join though. Do I need to sign into to get a link?

Mhm, your microformats are still off somehow Nathan (also having trouble with Parse-This recently but anyway), but no it’s very simple. RSPV is optional. All you gotta do is subscribe to the iCalendar Feed at and visit the events page ~15m before the meetup starts. Link will be available on the events page (or ask on the IRC).

You may login to the events page using IndieAuth, of course 🙂