How to read RSS in 2020 by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else
I often talk about “RSS feeds” and that it’s my favorite way to follow content sources (news, blogs, YouTube channels) on the internet. Laura Kalbag wrote about how to read RSS in 2020 in which she explains the basics and benefits about RSS. RSS is a way to get updates from a website without v...

Nice article you found there @jlelse – and as you know I’m one of your followers. To be more specific my blog does follow your feed and exposes it to me via again – usually to my mobile phone thanks to Indigenous for Android 😀

GamingOnLinux 🐧 on Twitter (Twitter)
“Just a reminder to anyone working on something they want others to know about: use an RSS feed for your news/updates/blog posts. It really helps people cut through noise. RSS sadly doesn't get much attention but it's incredibly useful in just getting the info.”
🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 🏴󠁧󠁢 🚊✝️ mab Elystan Glodrydd on Twitter (Twitter)
“@unbinaryrainbow @_court I use Feedly. The Pro version includes a Twitter feed reader. There are also tools such as Feedity which can monitor a site and post you an RSS feed if no RSS is present.”

Sounds like familiar pain. I use a mix of ,, and consolidated on my server where my reader connects to. This is basically self hosted so it can’t be killed by Google.