Visited the #lotl concert in #Stuttgart today and had a blast. Been years that I went to LKA Longhorn. Like.. dunno.. 20 or so? And nothing changed 😄

Show was great, felt familiar, what I really like. My personal highlight was “Unstoppable” (originally by Sia).

We did hear the struggle in the voice though. Band just recovered from Covid apparently. Hope they don’t overdo it 😅

Anyway, for the curious: The set list “15 Years Of ” is available on Spotify at (yes yes Spotify evil).

Solo "Lighthouse"
Stuttgart vergibt dritte Runde an Ladesäulen-Standorten by Sebastian Schaal (
Die Stadt Stuttgart hat im Rahmen der dritten Ausschreibung weitere Standorte für öffentliche Ladesäulen vergeben. Wie schon in der zweiten Runde gingen die meisten Standorte an die Stadtwerke Stuttgart – genau 62 von 145 ausgeschriebenen AC-Ladesäulen im öffentlichen Raum.

Nice. Was bin ich froh dass sich bei (und auch beim 🚴 ;-)) so ins Zeug legt.

Wow.. relaunches website, praises accessibility and removes . No punch line.

Reader gives me 404 on the old url. I was just lucky to catch it on 🐦 – Site at all.

Maybe they should use as an example:

I do so hope they simply forgot to enable the endpoint / advertisement.

Update: New feed url seems to be according to @philipplang89 – thanks for finding out!