How to read RSS in 2020 by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (
I often talk about “RSS feeds” and that it’s my favorite way to follow content sources (news, blogs, YouTube channels) on the internet. Laura Kalbag wrote about how to read RSS in 2020 in which she explains the basics and benefits about RSS. RSS is a way to get updates from a website without v...

Nice article you found there @jlelse – and as you know I’m one of your followers. To be more specific my blog does follow your feed and exposes it to me via again – usually to my mobile phone thanks to Indigenous for Android 😀

Push notifications with Indigenous (
Indigenous for Android has a new home. To celebrate, a new release is out which allows you to receive and send Push notifications!

So… I can not only read from my endpoint, or react over my endpoint, no, I can even retrieve push notifications with Indigenous for Android ( via – how cool is that?

Pushy comes with a plan tho and I wonder who pays the price once it’s free trial of 100 maximum devices is exceeded. Future releases of Indigenous promise the usage of an own MQTT backend so this may do the trick.

…and why has this not already over 100 subscriptions at all?