That was really about time. Let’s hope the replacement pads hold up to their promise. I really don’t want to life without my ANC headphones any more 😅

Update 9th Dec 2022: The replacement parts fit perfectly on my MDR-1000ABN but that’s about it. The noise cancelling itself was far better with the original pads. The foamed material is simply another density. There is even noise _from_ the foam just from moving the head slightly. That was especially pronounced in the beginning.

Nine months in and they look almost as bad as the original ones _after several years_. Torn at every corner just without the same wear, as you can see on the pictures that show only two pads. And this time I didn’t even use the headphones for workouts – only for work at a computer.

The other picture shows the freshly attached replacements from 9 months ago and the original pads (replaced after several years) next to the headphones.

That is really disappointing. Also from Sony for not offering proper replacement parts in the first place.

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