Best week of spring. Everything in full bloom and busy bees everywhere. Really enjoyed the last few days. Next is probably a way too dry summer again 😕

Didn’t get a haircut since COVID was announced first. And while I like the idea of long hair it sort of became a burden at this point. Drastic measures were taken today. Hello summer. The wool is off.

No idea why but I had the sudden urge to cook something today. This is just spelt flour, milk and apple cooked with butter and salt (like noodles) served with sugar and cinnamon. And it’s delicious 😍

Finally gave in after my usual usb recording stick choked itself hard (20 bucks variant and usually just used to debug failing system boots where the error message would only flash for a second) and ordered an EVGA XR1 Lite:

It comes with a “free” perceived value weight 😁

Updated: So.. the XR1 works quite decent. The most trouble I had was on the HDMI side until I found the proper output to send application sound _also_ to the device (I’m using headphones usually).

Apparently there is a bug with the audio sync though, because the audio driver of the XR1 does not account for dropped frames. This may result in a noticeable sound (or frame) lag after some time of recording.

A firmware patch exists and I could download a HEX and a BIN file. Alas the flashing tool next to it is a graphical (!) Windows only EXE. So basically same 💩 as with the Crucial SSD recently. Some Arch user asked how to flash this on Linux on the EVGA Discord before. Response from staff: Just use Windows 😩.

Sure. It’s not like we don’t have a shiton of software to flash some firmware too. Native. On our fingertips. The question is probably just how to run some and where to point it. The chips inside are known so I have hope that I may find this out eventually so I’ll keep it anyway. It does work at least.

Played around with on the weekend. Mostly to debug my VAAPI issue and testing what runs well. It’s still a pain in the neck and some games I can only get to stream with tweaks but after all I’m kinda impressed. Not that it makes sense do play most of my library on a mobile phone but what works here does also work on the 55" in the living room 🤪