Could people please stop to pipe random news website feeds to unofficial bots?

That’d be great.

Social media is for people.

Subscribe to news at their sources, use a reader.

Cluttering the timeline with feed relays from foreign news outlets sucks. This IS spam.

And fck me how braindead are bots that post the freakin time to a medium that can only be read on a computer? You know, these fancy calculators that come with a built-in clock?


ffs, nobody at home. Looking for someone fixing a water leak. I know it is vacation days. Nobody manages to write upfront on their website that they are closed until late January. Some even brag about 24/7 suggesting fixes even on xmas and are closed. Most didn’t even manage to update their “Recent News” site once over the whole year.

Want service? Crawl here!

This is why I started fixing everything myself in the first place. Tired of phoning and begging around and sending faxes, because nobody would read their mailbox anyway. This is my experience with skilled crafts and trades in Germany. Again and again.

Guess I’ll have to look for the torch and fix it myself.

Time to sleep. Watch child two to transform from a jumping ruberball info a crawling snail (due to a scratch on his leg). "I’m too tired to walk or go to bed" 😯

Woah, almost January. This means I’ve to make dice rolls again who will get support from my patron budget in 2021 😀 So many awesome people and projects out there…

I’ll be on my own for some weeks so my wife introduced me to the washing machine when she opened a new box. “You bought men detergent?” – “Yes”. All-In-One pre-packed just for me and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 🤣