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Dipping into SpaceBourne 2 – Rebuilding A Friend

Okay, I did some recording of SpaceBourne 2 and added a voice over and even subtitles… and I conclude that is way too much work but in case you’re interested into a sneak peak of this early access go ahead: /

Looks like children can fritter a ton of sand from a single sandbox within 5 years. Possible that the cats help. The jury is still out on that. Nobody wants to touch the evidence 🤡

Played around with on the weekend. Mostly to debug my VAAPI issue and testing what runs well. It’s still a pain in the neck and some games I can only get to stream with tweaks but after all I’m kinda impressed. Not that it makes sense do play most of my library on a mobile phone but what works here does also work on the 55" in the living room 🤪

Little one "helped". Doubt the cats will be happy with their bowls delivered like that and crammed into the cat flap.

Tried Paperless-ngx and gotta say I like it so far: I was especially happy when I found the Paperless apps in the store. That’s always a good sign 🤓 > is a community-supported open-source document management system that transforms your physical documents into a searchable online archive so you can keep, well, less paper.

X52Pro to multiple gamepads on Linux PC

Scribbles to run a X52Pro as two virtual gamepads via moltengamepad Put this in ~/.config/moltengamepad/gendevices/x52-pro.cfg Run this with moltengamepad –num-gamepads 2 –mimic-xpad and press button on the joystick _first_ and on the throttle _second_ so they get assigned in the correct order. This should result in two gamepads _and_ the X52Pro so even really braindead games that do only support gamepadS should be able to read this at least in any way. If the game does support only one gamepad consider binding joystick _buttons_ to keyboard presses (e.g. with AntiMicroX instead).

Helium and balloons

All that balloon talks going on and I can only think about my odyssey on the weekend to find lumpy 10l of Helium. We usually buy this in an industrial bottle because the one-time bottles you can get for birthday parties are… meh. In costs, litres and waste of the empty can (litre litter). The 10l bottle is enough for years and several birthday parties and can be refilled. So I was puzzled when I went for a refill on Saturday just to find out that my usual dealer doesn’t have any. I was told that their dealer holds deliveries…

Due to circumstances we may have had a very tiny birthday celebration with 4 people in the car today. Usually I wouldn’t lit a candle in the car but an exception was made. Picture: a car dashboard with colorful plates and mini cakes.

Deliver Us The Moon (on Linux PC)

Played Deliver Us The Moon on Linux PC. What a ride. Took me 6h 21m to complete and I only left the keyboard twice briefly. The story had me hooked from the very beginning 🤓 Got it on GoG, installed it with Lutris and played it without a hitch or single crash [of the game *cough]. Can recommend. Thrilling, casual puzzles, some sneaking around and very thick atmosphere (without much oxygen at times).

Endlich mal den Podcast vom @nerdgelaber mit dem @alieninvader hier angehört: Gefällt mir gut! Habe eine ganz ähnliche Situation hier und gerade die Tage über die Preise für Heizmaterial abgekotzt.
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