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I held an online presentation and talk for 2h about some weeks ago **in German**. The presentation itself (20m) went live today with **English subtitles** on the channel of (Stellanebula project lead). I mention as example for native games but the main focus is, due to the audience: a huge German Elite Dangerous wing, focused on (and some for good measure). I’m going to release the talk that happened after this eventually but I have to cut this first, which is _a lot_ of work, so no promises yet. Mebbe this is of interest for…

🔖 Input Remapper Mebbe of interest for my (home cockpit) shenanigans.

This old cat is now at an age where I have to consider building him some stairs for the sofa :/

15 Years of Lord Of The Lost

Visited the concert in today and had a blast. Been years that I went to LKA Longhorn. Like.. dunno.. 20 or so? And nothing changed 😄 Show was great, felt familiar, what I really like. My personal highlight was “Unstoppable” (originally by Sia). We did hear the struggle in the voice though. Band just recovered from Covid apparently. Hope they don’t overdo it 😅 Anyway, for the curious: The set list “15 Years Of ” is available on Spotify at (yes yes Spotify evil).

Cutting a replacement blade for my lawnmower

Apparently there is _nobody_ selling a 40cm blade for the G40LM40 / 25157 40V lawnmower by outside of the UK – or claims a shipping time of seven months! Is this the result of Brexit? Well fck this. I ordered a 41cm blade for the G40LM41 / G24X2LM41 model on a hunch. This one was available. Looks like the fastening bolt is the same. Could confirm this when it arrived 4 days later. Sadly it didn’t fit (no security clearance) – which was expected, of course. The fix is rather simple though. At least when you’ve an angle grinder.…

The video editor is simply great 👍 Made an entire 20m voiced presentation with it last week 🤓 That sure was a first but a pretty straight forward process.

Al right peeps, the 1:1 ( | build is basically done but Baz is stuck now. He made plans for a trailer to haul it around but he is out of materials: Baz is not asking for donations yet. Personally I think he should, because his builds spark joy in the heart of people. Like his awesome build of an suit for the benefit of sick kids in hospitals did before. We may even support him without some GoFundMe. If you’re into you may be interested in some of his at I’ll…


We got hardly any snow this year @Shawshank. In fact we didn’t even have to order new food for the heater. That’s not normal at all :-/ Not saying I missed snow but I miss snow. Does this make sense? Anyway, now it’s spring and we get this rich fresh green everywhere that can only be seen for ~2ish weeks each year – and I love it 🤓

Historic silver mine Hallwangen 4k 25 FPS

Alright, video of my latest visit to the historic silver mine in finally transcoded and was uploaded. Pick your poison: /
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