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Beware, my Witcher medallion is vibrating. False alarm. The cat started purring 😁

Mastodon Does Microformats, ActivityPub Does Check-Ins and Travel Plans:

This is why especially the IndieWeb people are adamant about that everyone should be their own identity provider on the net and not give that role away to any silo|3rd party. Yes, a domain costs (just like a phone number). Even if it just holds a single page referencing “official” profiles. I’m aware that this isn’t an identity check but it’s enough to tell profile equivalence and this is the more important part. BTW: Love your books 🤓

Special evening in the park. Seen wolves, lynxes and bears. Including this cuddly fellow here. Not that I’d try to cuddle em for real 😅 Jon built a smoke machine into his and explains how not to do this at home and why this is a bad (albeit fun) idea 🤓😂

Adulting much today. Lots of slow leaks that need plugging 😩 Shower head broke, shower hose leaks, various siphons leak or are straight inoperable for years and the kitchen sink armature is a rusty clump by now.

Boooh. Little one got glows in the dark colour for her paper ghosts 👻

The new desk comes with useful cat compartments.

My was featured on Down To Earth Astronomy and that made me really happy 😊

Thinking about a costume for Halloween. Child 1 says I could go as fat pumpkin. Oh the burn 🤣
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