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Someday I’ll revieve my Kodi system and I even have an old flirc around.

We met with a teacher (about the little ones). On filling a form she said: Phone is not necessary, we’d be fast with eMail unlike others. She also provided us with infos she just "googled" to validate. My mind whispered: One of us!

*gacker > Bundesrat beschließt Mindesttempo fürs Internet Wir brauchen mehr Daten!!1elf

Sadly not, no. Slept horrible. What a bad timing to be on caffeine detox. Ah well. Always something.

Unexpected findings in the washing machine. Especially that red bit made it a PITA to get the sieve out at all. Siemens 1, Grass Trimmer 0.

Tried to run SteamWorld Dig2 from GoG. It just died with this: ERROR: ShowErrorMessage: Failed to initialized OpenGL extensions (GLEW), error: Unknown error This is from my understanding a fixed bug in GLEW on Wayland but requires an update of that lib – which is probably not gonna happen any more. Fun enough we can work around this by starting it with SDL_VIDEODRIVER=X11 ./Dig2 under Wayland, with from my understanding invokes|provokes XWayland and brings us back to Wayland. And since I want to play this on my couch with my Steam Link I added the game to my library and…
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