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Multicrew done right

I tell you, multicrew is the best when done right. Today I wasn’t in charge tho and had to watch most of the time while the little one cracked asteroid after asteroid 😀

Some great insight on – found while trying to find out what causes audio crackling and high CPU load. It may be a bug but I still think I’m doing something wrong here. Also very curious about the V4L2 proposals. That is a very important daily driver of mine. Especially the loopback device. Any improvements on this are in theory great. Say Cheese?

So shiny

The Primary Buffer Panel got some new buttons today. So shiny! The ICP is starting to shape up. For more immersion in my – pew pew. And big thanks to IcedPhenix and Eaggra who both kept me company during the rather boring parts and me going!

Fascinating, a peek behind the scenes of sound designing for

Fascinating, a peek behind the scenes of sound designing for

OMG, I found a legitimate and personal mail in my mailbox. That’s probably the first between all the spam and informational crap since… I dunno… what year is it? 😅

Oh, landed HIGHLY experimental dedicated servers in experimental. describes how to set on up. They even provided a systemd service file (that I’ll probably refine later). Didn’t play with this yet but this looks promising. The pattern is basically known for Unity games 🤷
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