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Wonder where you look, because that list doesn’t look _that_ exhaustive 🙃 Also Hi from an IndieWeb-Priest 🤓

I touched and I’m in awe (or should I say ? 🤓). What an awesome piece of software for all audio recording and editing needs. And I’d never have found it if it wasn’t for quitting on me yesterday. Which, in all fairness, could be tracked down to an Oopsie in the USB stack for the microphone. A good old fashioned reboot fixed this in the end. Anyway, I’m in love and I kinda expected it already but @unfa really has a great quickstart video on it as well:

🔖 Open source input daemon for Linux Mebbe of interest for my (home cockpit) shenanigans.

TIL: google-chrome ships a script to maintain and update signatures to `/etc/cron.daily/google-chrome` This failed and brought down the whole update progress in the background due to an unknown signature for the google-chrome package Found out by chance today – updates are usually that smooth that I didn’t notice they stalled for weeks o0 > The GPG keys listed for the “google-chrome” repository are already installed but they are not correct for this package. > Error: GPG check FAILED Solution was to run that script manually (as root) so it could update it’s repository config.

Still using our old Thermomix for grinding coffee beans 🤓

Hello, this note is written with . If you are reading this with any other software via : Gratulation. Apparently there is a lot of rage about WordPress COM (that’s the company) changing their terms of service. This here is just another self hosted WordPress instance (that’s the software) federating with the Fediverse *since 2019* – just like a shiton of other software you may never have heard about – and is not affiliated with said company in any way. So… mebbe cool your jets. It’s not the software that makes weird policy decisions. Still have the urge to block,…

Tried – an online Arduino simulator – and ditched it again after fiddling with it for 5 minutes. Looks good on first glance, admitted. Raised my first eyebrow after not finding a diode. Ah well, used a 0-resistor instead as placeholder. I don’t see how I can demo a button matrix like that though. Checked the download as ZIP function. Hm, there is no upload function, guess I have to register for saving online. Guess I can also just import the project text files via copy and paste again. Not comfortable but I can live with that. Found open…

On my last replacement pads for my headphones. Wrote about this at before. The last replacement pads promised to “not tear” within 6 months. What a promise of quality eh 😒 Anyway, this is how they do look half a year later. Totally tattered. I knew the parts are EOL for a while so I purchased several sets. That’s my last one however. Used the chance to vacuum the insides a little and this may have done the trick to fix some annoying crackling of the ANC function. Mebbe a fine hair was tickling it’s mic. Mebbe it’s just…

Baz uploaded another update on his 1:1 build of a He fosters a blog with articles on the build at
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