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Seldom that the little one is wearing a dress. Or cleans her room. At the same time. I hear a friend from school is coming over tomorrow 😁

Morning. Feeling good for the first time in months that early (for me). Hope I’m not coming up with anything 😂 Anyway, coffee first. Have a good one too!

Almost finished setting up my new mobile phone ☺️

Haha good luck on that one @edent. Especially because you totally forgot about microformats where you want the comments _within_ the h-entry but _outside_ of summary and content 😀

Heh yeah. That’s a nice feature. I was delighted to see this implemented in the Linux build of Spotify when I discovered this years ago. This also allows for hotkey features iirc, like remote control directly from a task bar plugin.

Was soll denn das jetzt. Wochenlang kein vernünftiger Regen und jetzt in der praktischen Vorratspackung.

Heh, we’ve a big apple tree and it’s almost ready to blossom. Love that time of the year when all the bees go crazy over it 😁
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