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Wohoo, v 1.0 🥳 See also: (GER)

Pretty easy @edent. Reading in since 2019 when you posted “The future of the web, isn’t the web”. That was shortly before you added Webmentions 😀 I love your occasional reviews especially with an eye on the Linux-y side of things and your way to see the world seems to align fine with my own view. I’m just your average 40-ish dad who works in tech and also happens to build cockpits for fun in the basement or loves swinging a sword around 🤓 …and I almost had longer hair than you once 😛


I got my hands on a 2nd hand and I’m really impressed so far. Still checking out it’s features using . Came with a dongle so when connected to a display (and _some_ sort of keyboard) it basically turns into a complete workstation. How awesome is that? Already sorry that I can’t keep it for myself since it’s a birthday present but I definitely tasted b… err… I want one too. Mebbe for my own birthday? Pretty please?

`gamescope` is slowly becoming the hammer to all of my gaming or recording issues on Linux PC. Doesn’t capture in OBS via obs-vkcapture? Gamescope. Get’s ideas about screen layout? Gamescope. Has no built in FSR? Gamescope. Doesn’t show up in the list for screenshare? Gamescope. Does this post need a hashtag? .

So I got a stuck from time to time. No mailbox or calendar would load and Evolution eventually claim that it can’t connect to the accounts. Turns out this is quite literal. I’m on and that has a framework for single sign-ins called GNOME Online Accounts or GOA for short (that thing I wish the Nextcloud client would USE too). Apparently this happens _sometimes_ after standby/suspend, that I use quite often to save on power, so it was really hard to find. Looks like the goa-daemon gets stuck on resume. There is nothing in the journal or so.…

⭐ Can relate on the lactose part 😥

Crimped roughly 250 connectors and did lots of soldering. Still WIP but I rolled the first successful button tests!!1eleven Ignore the wobbling, there are almost no supporting frames behind for easier access to the wires.

❤️ TIL: What a Soda jerk is. Draw one for me 🤓
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