So, Timelines released today. Bagged it, of course. Don’t even really know what’s coming but the X series are something I enjoy since X: Beyond The Frontier in 1999. Kinda rad that a company that old managed to stay in business and true to their very own franchise.

Oh and also native for PC, my daily (and only) system for .

I could ramble on why X4 is a great Space Pew Pew game but others can do that much better. Like ObsidianAnt for example:

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  1. @beko Are you playing x4 via steam? I bought the game and all dlcs on GOG and they still don't have the 7.0 patch and timelines online for linux. Windows was released asap via GOG Galaxy, Windows offlineinstall was there on friday, but no sign of linux files. Do you know if this is a gernerall egosoft problem or just GOGs problem?

  2. This is a general GOG problem and the reason why I bought it _again_ on Steam. They are always late. It’s my understanding that there is _one_ dude at GOG that does the Linux packaging (rocket science to build a self extracting SH script) and when that one has a day off or is sick or whatever we get crickets. It’s frustrating to a point that I used the Windows installers in the past and unpacked the DLCs manually.

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