Another night in the verse 🚀

Made some progress on the HUD (I think I need a name for that). It does provide me with some additional informations depending on what I’m doing. The Route Plan e.g. disappears automatically when the destination is reached (yeah yeah the Jump count is off, will fix that eventually).

Same for scan targets – that also reveal bounties (with rewards in Cr so I know if it’s worth the hassle :D).

Really like where this is going.

Piloting spaceships with a DIY cockpit by Arduino TeamArduino Team (

Take a moment to go and look up some photos of the cockpits of airplanes and spacecraft. All of them are packed full of instruments and controls. So why do we feel like we can play a flight simulator with a regular gamepad? If you’re doing so, then you’re missing out on a lot of […]

Oh wow, that was unexpected but Arduino themselves featured my ~~fire hazard~~ simulated cockpit on their blog:

Yes I am totally hyperventilating right now. That was unexpected and I only know because someone asked if this is mine 🤓

Gotta admit though: I’d have liked linking to the primary source better. Namely this blog or but… details.

Narrowboat log: September 2023 (

So I’ve moved Thin Lizzy to Sawley Marina now with the help of a retired, experienced boating couple. There was a weir to pass on the way over plus some parking required, and having their help was amazing. I’m slotted in to a bankside berth with an electric and water bollard right in front of […]


Who reads my blog? by @edent@edent (

Hello! Thank you for reading what I write. Sorry to ask, but… who are you? I was chatting to a friend about what it is like running a blog, finding new topics, keeping up with a daily schedule, moderating comments, etc. And they asked, quite reasonably, "who are your readers?" And, honestly, I have very […]

Pretty easy @edent. Reading in since 2019 when you posted “The future of the web, isn’t the web”. That was shortly before you added Webmentions 😀 I love your occasional reviews especially with an eye on the Linux-y side of things and your way to see the world seems to align fine with my own view.

I’m just your average 40-ish dad who works in tech and also happens to build cockpits for fun in the basement or loves swinging a sword around 🤓

…and I almost had longer hair than you once 😛

I got my hands on a 2nd hand and I’m really impressed so far. Still checking out it’s features using . Came with a dongle so when connected to a display (and _some_ sort of keyboard) it basically turns into a complete workstation. How awesome is that?

Already sorry that I can’t keep it for myself since it’s a birthday present but I definitely tasted b… err… I want one too. Mebbe for my own birthday? Pretty please?