Here is another awesome example using 👍

A FUI is short for a Futuristic User Interface. is a JS framework to create such a FUI. Unlike the ones animated and used for cinematic purposes it can be actually used. Like I do this for my Streaming Overlay and going to use it for my as well.

I love everything about this project right up to it’s name “Lady of Shalott”. The idea to do some sort of extended home automation to query various daily streams is one of the reasons I dig MicroSub and ActivityPub so much and doing something similar for a dashboard crossed my mind already too. This is a topic I’m not doing much on at the moment. I mean I’ve very good ideas what I want here but I’ve already enough projects going at the moment so this is on hold.

Anyway, make sure to take a closer lock on the project. Myxouz offers some (unlisted) YouTube videos as well so you can get an idea of the dashboard in action and also describes the background techniques in use.

If you’re a developer consider going wild with ARWES as well 🙃