Fedora used to have fancy modules for things like node, which allowed fast install and switch of a specific version: https://developer.fedoraproject.org/tech/languages/nodejs/nodejs.html e.g. with dnf module install nodejs:8

This is no longer the case starting with Fedora 38: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/NodejsRepackaging – which suggests to install an alternative [supported] version e.g. with dnf install nodejs18. While this works it did not adjust the default link of /usr/bin/node to nodejs18, like the old command would have done, so ANY not-packaged-for-Fedora project will still default to /usr/bin/node, which points in my case to node-20 at the time of writing. The article suggests to make use of the update-alternatives command to change this but it does not give an example.

And since I will forget this by tomorrow here is one, that adds a new entry for node to alternatives and adds a symlink for /usr/bin/node to /usr/bin/node-18 with a priority of 18:

> sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/node node /usr/bin/node-18 18
> update-alternatives --list

Should there be one with a higher priority already, and the list not update with the command, it has to be overridden with a manual setter:

> sudo update-alternatives --set node /usr/bin/node-18
> update-alternatives --list


I had the chance to play Flight Of Nova (https://flight-of-nova.com/) for the first time today. This was on my wishlist for quite some time now. Dived in blind and had no idea what to expect. 3 tutorial missions later: Oh boy… this is hard. I can see myself sinking many hours in this.

Anyway, as usual, my focus is on interfacing with my home cockpit (or simpit) and while there is no ship telemetry [yet?] I was able to get it running just fine via Proton and with my DIY headtracker using OpenTrack. Hats off, seldom that I see a game that detects my joystick just fine, has great ingame calibration, offers me a windowed mode and a bunch of ultra width resolutions without having to resort to hacking config files or use gamescope to resize it ❤️

Head tracking is, as usual, TrackIR only so far (I guess the native Linux PC version does not have UDP in place here but I couldn’t check due Steam refusing to download another version today). Anyway, you can see me fooling around with the buttons and do an A+ crash landing in the end – sunny side up 😆 Not too shabby considering that this was my 3rd landing at all.

Pick your poison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2A_uVbUKWU / https://tube.tchncs.de/w/iV21V6EZxNCTsC8bvsCQDt

TIL (and I know I’m late for the party): protontricks can set the env for Steam in a very comfortable way to run another exe in the same wine prefix/bottle/compatData folder for an already running game. Useful for companion apps of games or e.g. OpenTrack. I used to do this manually with little scripts 🤓

protontricks-launch ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/1069190/pfx/drive_c/opentrack/install/opentrack.exe