Hell yeah, and the experience: https://fedoramagazine.org/obs-studio-and-fedora-linux-an-interview-with-georges-basile-stavracas-neto/

Oh gods I can’t tell how much the dialogs that pop up every time I open OBS Studio annoy me because it can’t remember or recover previous screencasts and I’ve plenty in my scenes. That’s my most sour point after switching to nowadays. Real heroes at work right there!

AusweisApp2 unter Ubuntu nutzen by an author (blog.purelinux.de)
Neulich bin ich in die Welten der digitalen deutschen Behörden vorgedrungen. Mit AusweisApp2, RFID Kartenleser und Personalausweis konnte ich bequemer als gedacht mein Auto ummelden. Ein Erfahrungsbericht. Wie es dazu kam… Ich bin vor wenigen Monaten umgezogen (was auch die Ruhe auf dem Blog erkl...

Gut zu wissen. Dann bekomme ich das eventuell unter Fedora dann reproduziert, wenn der neue Ausweis dann mal fertig wird.

How To Install Docker On Fedora 32 Or 31 (And Alternatives) (Linux Uprising Blog)
Fedora 32 and 31 switched to cgroup v2, and due to this Docker no longer works. This article explains your options, and how to install Docker on Fedora 32 or 31 if you don't like the alternatives.

Use they said. Deploy will be so much easier they said.

If I get this right I have to choose between three different engines and two versions of cgroups on by now – let’s not start talking about docker-compose alternatives.

Needless to say that some very aged files will fail anyway no matter what path I choose 🤦

Sometimes I’m really tired of all this tech stuff