I checked some old disks of mine and found to my utmost joy a copy of my former installation. Well, is hard because who can support 500 distributions, right? How comes this just works in 2020 on 31? 😀

9 thoughts on “UT2003 in 2020

  1. @Myrrdin nope. I haz video ☝Installed sdl 1.2 and openal soft. Both as 32bit of course. That’s all.Start script has a hack to pre set resolution with xrandr because xvidmode is no longer a thing.

  2. Good luck. I found several of my old backup cds broken or partially unreadable. That’s fine because I have many but I still scraped everything of worth [to me] and copied it to usb and more recent archive disks. It’s amazing how many cds fit on a regular usb storage nowadays.

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