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Can’t kill em all

I really miss this mug. Didn’t survive the sudden stop of a fall.

Your last car will be an estate car. In my case also my first car 🙂

Poor Luigi

Poor Luigi, nobody turns against family 🤣 Disclaimer for the humorless: This is just the yearly waste of our central heater.

One can’t play under Linux

One can’t play under Linux, they said. I don’t care for ~20 years by now and since 2016 I can’t keep up with my queue any more. The variety became just too much. Find screenshots of a fraction of the games that came native to Linux in the last years attached. The selection is random since I simply searched for files of the image type when all the screenshots came up.

Becoming a patron

When asked by my wife what I’d like for christmas I replied that I’ve a list of people I’d like to support for their great art/work.

Oh no.. My daughter demanded a sacrifice 🙁

Die Bilder gehen wieder

Danke an alle, die gemeldet haben, dass viele der alten Bilder nicht mehr funktionierten. Da ist wohl was beim letzten Server-Umzug kaputt gegangen.
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