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Ditchbook it is not

Follow-Up: Sadly no longer compatible. Looks like FB changed it’s export format: [{“timestamp”: 1566833332,”attachments”: [],”data”: [{“post”: “”},{“update_timestamp”: 1566833332}],”title”: “”}] This is not what Ditchpost expects. The posts file is also no longer posts/your_posts.json but posts/your_posts_01.json

Love this game already.

There’s a a new WordPress plugin that scratches the crossposting itch by implementing the ActivityPub protocol:

Exactly what I needed

Ditchbook may be exactly what I was looking for – thanks Cleverdevil!

Freeing from Facebook

I was late for this party anyway but getting off isn’t that easy. Cleverdevil has some good pointers on freeing yourself from Facebook but the suggested tool fb-export requires an AccessToken for the Graph API Explorer. For this one has to set up a developer account with Facebook. That’s not freeing [for me]. That’s entangling even more because this step requires a phonenumber or credit card with Facebook. A step I managed to advert so far. So yeah, I guess my quest goes on. This may work for others tho.


Today we had a great barbecue at my brother’s new place.


Had an awesome day at the airfield. Wife got the chance for a flight and today we had perfect weather. I stayed on the ground with one of the little ones. Flying is fascinating but not my cup of tea. The others had a great time between the clouds 😀

Going IndieWeb

I’m dabbling in IndieWeb for some time now but didn’t fully embrace it [yet]. There was no real need since I’m running my own blog for years so I’m already half-way there. It is a thing tho especially for people that are simply tired of not owning their content any more. I noticed that a lot of publications I wrote myself over the last years are simply forgotten and burried in some silo. Ever wrote an article on say FB? That’s basically lost after just a week. Nobody will ever find or read [or even search for] it again. It’s…
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