Adding ActivityStreams representations to Hugo by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (
I promised and people already asked, so here is the first part of the documentation about how I enabled ActivityPub support on my Hugo-based blog: The first step to enable ActivityPub support, was to get Hugo to generate ActivityStreams representations for posts and the ActivityPub actor. I did this...

Very curious about his:

W!zardxx on Twitter (Twitter)
“The number isn't surprising (no #dataprivacy etc.). What does seem interesting here, and less popular, is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which could be manipulated quiet easily (few studies done on the subject recently, raising the interest in this issue). #Automotive”

Love the work of ott of . Got quite some insight from him.

Episode 26: Lana Tries Linux - Ubuntu Edition by Jason EvangelhoJason Evangelho from Linux For Everyone
In this episode, Lana is back to recount her first experience with Ubuntu -- and by extension Linux -- in 12 years. There is some real talk ahead, with unfiltered opinions from outside the echo chamber. (Oh, and stick around for the bloopers). Plus, a Discovery of the Week double dose for the gamers in the house.

Listen in to ep26 of ! My language tag made it into the beginning of the show this time and it sounds like someone went crazy with that bass slider 🤣

RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge (GitHub)
The RSS feed for websites missing it. Contribute to RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge development by creating an account on GitHub.

Oh sweet candy

Friends must be free to choose whatever software and service they want.rss-bridge

That’s a rant exactly to my taste: – and it is so simple to use. I guess my setup is now complete 😀