My Hugo cheat sheet by Ana RodriguesAna Rodrigues (
I'm a big fan of static site generators and since last year I've been using Hugo for a lot for simple and small marketing/product websites for clients. However, I don't know Go and I struggle a bit to remember all the logic that work in the templates so... I do a lot of searching and copy pasting. I...
Pure CSS Lightbox in Hugo theme by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (
Hugo themes have the option to override the default rendering of Markdown images by using “Markdown Render Hooks” since version 0.62.0. By creating a file in layouts/_default/_markup named render-image.html it is possible to use a custom template for rendered images. This gives a lot of flexibil...

Nice. Exactly what I needed. Lightbox and . Will -steal- copy that source and adapt to my needs 👍😁

Adding ActivityStreams representations to Hugo by Jan-Lukas ElseJan-Lukas Else (
I promised and people already asked, so here is the first part of the documentation about how I enabled ActivityPub support on my Hugo-based blog: The first step to enable ActivityPub support, was to get Hugo to generate ActivityStreams representations for posts and the ActivityPub actor. I did this...

Very curious about his:

Evaluating finally myself. All I know of it before was from presentation or FAQ and I recommended it a lot already as your one-stop solution. Time to take a closer look myself. My first trial expired because I never finished the sign up process when confronted with adding credit card information upfront. I hear this is not or no longer required and @manton, creator of all this, kindly reset my trial.

So far I’m pretty impressed. Oh and it’s also powered by – my latest favourite toy I started playing around with 😀