Self-hosting VSCode by muesli (
As so many others, I’ve switched to VSCode as my go-to IDE in recent years. I won’t go into the details as to why I made that switch, but I really enjoy using it and find it to be a rather productive tool. It’s another Electron app for the desktop, and while that typically bothers me a bit, in today’s post we’ll actually use that to our advantage. VSCode in the Browser Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Can’t tell if genius or horrifying

Today I scratched an itch I had with and . Every time I run it on my PC I have to drag around the window until it fills my 3 displays setup. It’s tricky because it’s a grown installation and the displays have different resolutions.

Gnome has smart borders auto-sizing windows when you come close to a border. Usually that’s awesome but in this case it’s not. wmctrl to my rescue!

Find out about current window position when satisfied: wmctrl -G -l -x

Use that information for a one liner script: wmctrl -x -r code.Code -e 0,0,109,5276,1136

This will do until I get a 4k display or learn how to auto-run this snippet on the launch of vscode (like I do this with RisingWorld to force semi borderless fullscreen) 🤣

Seems like you have “Docker” installed on your system. Show recommended extensions?

Careful #vscode – this is exactly the type of snooping around people do NOT like. Please care only about the _current_ project. Thanks.