There’s a thing that puzzles me every time I visit some doctor, or hospital or dentist. You get it. Everywhere you get to sign a (or refuse to, like I do) and next thing happening is you’re sited in a room waiting for your turn. With a computer. Usually with your patient file already opened and on screen.

There is _so_ much you could do now. Like editing, opening other files, install a keylogger or some other device to the net – even wifi. WPS button is on the router next to it – default password on it’s back. System is in most cases horrible out of date and even if the screensaver is on it’s password is usually short, never changed and can be easily guessed or observed. And that’s all in a very sensitive setting. I observed this in various places now and when called out I get that “We’re not computer experts” shrug.

…but you signed that GDPR so all is [probably] good.

Am I the only one bewildered by this?


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