I hate subscriptions by @edent (shkspr.mobi)
Look - I get why your app or service wants me to pay a subscription. Recurring revenue is useful for a business. Your ARPU KPI is OMG to your VC. And, no doubt, there's research showing how people are more likely to eat a kitten than cancel a subscription. But I hate it. I resent having to expend me...
WordPress in der Matrix by Matthias PfefferleMatthias Pfefferle (notiz.blog)
Kombination von WordPress und Matrix Logo Automattic, die Firma des WordPress Gründers Matt Mullenweg und Betreiber von WordPress.com, hat gerade indirekt das Matrix Protokoll mit 5 Millionen Dollar finanziert. Das Matrix Protokoll wird oft in einem Atemzug mit ActivityPub genannt und scheint auch ...

Why not both?

Zugegeben, ich kenne Matrix bisher auch nur aus dem IM, doch wollte ich ActivityPub nicht mehr weg denken. Das Plugin von dir ist der Hammer @pfefferle@mastodon.social!

Abgesehen davon macht das Fediverse [zumindest bei mir] heutzutage die meisten Interaktionen mit Menschen aus. Das gefällt mir.

extra3 on Twitter (Twitter)
“Scheuer findet Führerscheinentzug für eine Geschwindigkeitsübertretung "unverhältnismäßig". Wer über 500 Millionen Euro für eine nicht funktionierende PKW-Maut in den Sand setzt, hat eben ein anderes Verständnis von Verhältnismäßigkeit. https://t.co/K9vD9IjSZ8”
On Owning Data Apps Use and the IndieWeb by Jacky Alciné (v2.jacky.wtf)
So I came across this post about owning data from apps we use a lot. As I'm reading it, my head's bopping up and down with agreement - I strongly believe that data sovereignty is a important human right; especially with large companies actively using it to dismantle facets of society. In the post, t...

Unpopular opinion on video tutorials: Cut the chatter in the beginning and get down to the case. Make a VLOG [or else] for the rest. It’s painful to dig through ~30m of video for bits of information.

How to install T2X for Thief 2 on Linux? (parasurv.neocities.org)

T2X Shadows Of The Metal Age main menu [run via Wine]

Good memories 😀 Nice to see I’m not the only nutter who played T2X on


File: /home/beko/.thief2/drive_c/Thief2/t2x/
Size: 4096 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 directory
Device: 97fh/2431d Inode: 127271738 Links: 14
Access: (0755/drwxr-xr-x) Uid: ( 1000/ beko) Gid: ( 1000/ beko)
Context: system_u:object_r:unlabeled_t:s0
Access: 2020-05-25 17:42:23.679421134 +0200
Modify: 2012-04-27 23:13:23.844169998 +0200

According to https://beko.famkos.net/2012/04/28/thief-ii-the-metal-age/ I even wrote a tutorial on this at http://wiki.linuxgaming.de/index.php/Thief_II – and I should really syndicate this back. I’ve a bad feeling this won’t be much longer around.

The story we tell ourselves by an author (IN FULL FLOW)
I came across a very interesting passage in The Storytelling Animal: how stories make us human. It explains the Lake Wobegone Effect, the effect that we think of ourselves as above average when it comes to positive qualities. Like being a good driver (which for a matter of fact I am). In
On Asses and Math by crystalcrystal (chicky.blog)
“Remember when I asked you for body weight exercises I could do in small spaces?” “Yeah, you wrote in your last letter that did something like 70 squats.” “Ok, so yesterday I did 120 squats, 40 each of regular squats, sumo, and ski squats.” “Nice! You’ll come out of there with an ass...