Unpopular opinion on video tutorials: Cut the chatter in the beginning and get down to the case. Make a VLOG [or else] for the rest. It’s painful to dig through ~30m of video for bits of information.

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  1. I mean ffs… 5 minutes in and we’re at “Click here to download”.And that’s common for such videos.I’d starve without ~1.5xNo transcript as well, of course.

  2. @beko It's not unpopular. People who search for solutions or just simple want to learn, doesn't care about other at that moment. Now of course that doesn't mean people should be robots, because if you have a real personality – so many fake people on yt – that's a plus, imo.So yeah I fully agree with you.

  3. @bekopharm This is not an unpopular opinion.”What’s up guys? It’s ya boy, <stupidyoutubename>! I’m here to talk about <flash of thing> <the thing>! Before I get into that, smash that like button and hit the subscribe button. I’d also like to thank our sponsors <long list of companies>…”

  4. @bekopharm yeah it is quiet common to extend the length as then youtube would display more advertisements and you could make more money. it is called the attention economy after all 🙂

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