I seldom dabble in the corporate hell of Windows devices but sometimes I have to “use” a laptop to access some VPN to do my magic job and I have no idea how anyone can work like this.

I’m talking about the full set here starting with BitLocker, Cisco AnyConnect (yuk), virus protection and gods know what else.

Every time I start this I get to wait for 2-4 hours until all the updates are done while I’m getting swamped with pop-ups from all kinds of pre installed software each in their individual fashion and style asking me to click, tap, accept, proceed or acknowledge something I’ve no idea about.

Speaking of I usually even have a hard time reading anything on this excuse of a display. For unknown reasons someone thought it’s a good idea to design a default theme with probably fifty shades of grey (I know about high contrast mode but that makes it worse).

I am only a user on such a device without any admin permissions. Why am I even bothered with all this? And while I wiggle my way through all the pop-ups overlapping each other stealing input focus again and again trying to get anything done… Reboot required. Now. Reboot and… repeat! There are more updates we didn’t know of before!

In between an occasional error pops up about something not being able to install something because of some error. The amount of provided information is killing me.

And it’s slow. So gorram slow. What is this thing doing with an i5 processor all the time? And why do I have to babysit it for updates at all?

Eventually I may be able to use the device only to be prompted to change my password due to reasons. And bite me, every time I have to figure out what new password may be fine because the prompt won’t suggest the password rules or anything.

At the end of the day I’m happy that I can use a system again that, as odd as it may seem, provides a much better user experience [to me]: A Fedora Workstation. It just works.

4 thoughts on “Updating…

  1. @bekopharm I feel you. We have a similar setup and the fans kick into high gear on login and just occasionally while doing *nothing*. This machine is probably ~2-3x faster than my home laptop, but with the way they have it encumbered, they may as well be on par with each other.

  2. @bekopharm My laptop’s fans only spin up (sounds like a quiet exhale) when Firefox starts, then it’s quiet again.We’ve had phone calls where I’ve had to put on a headset because the noise of the fan was too loud to vs the internal microphone.

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