The Master of Orion reboot has all the classic flaws of recent 4X games by Hypolite PetovanHypolite Petovan (
I bought Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (2016) in a recent deal that included the 3 original games in the franchise started in 1993. After pulling an all-nighter on it, it feels like an old game: unreadable fights, tedious planet management with a stupid autobuild feature. I’m a huge fan of 4...

Great article by @hypolite on the flaws of recent 4X games, like Master of Orion:

I also enjoyed the first installments of this franchise and found the more recent ones falling short. Kudos for WG Labs of Wargaming World Limited to provide Linux versions tho. According to Steam I sunk at least 67h into Conquer The Stars anyway 😀

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