On damsels and influencers by Dr Eleanor Janega (going-medieval.com)
So, the other day I was over on my extremely good Patreon that you would like if you joined, having a chat in a video about my research methodologies and some books I have used lately. I gushed about one book in particular, Kim M. Phillips’s Medieval Maidens: young women and gender in England, 127...

TIL: The difference between Queen Elizabeth of York and modern influencers on Instagram.

Great read, as usual: https://going-medieval.com/2021/07/09/on-damsels-and-influencers/ 👏

*cleans up Timeline

I like people content. I like good or interesting stories/articles. Even better with fun or good vibes. I don’t mind occasional rants or reposts. Heck even politics is fine sometimes. Timelines that start to revolve around negativity… thanks for the fish 😔

I have to do this to stay sane. Sadly that is a pattern I see with so many at some “size”. The urge to keep the masses entertained seems to have the effect to fall back to what works best for the Likes: Rant and enrage. Consider checking your own TL with the eyes of a stranger!

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, still awesome today: http://diaspora.hard-light.net/

Video of Diaspora: Shattered Armistice (on Linux PC)

Seems to work nice with my DIY headtracker on Linux PC too. Sadly I got quite some frame-drops due to recording (and probably multi-head too). It works way better without all the cameras and a life-stream going on but I think it’s enough to get a good impression. Botched emergency landing included xD

Warning: This may fuel a desire to re-watch the BSG series again 😀